SIA Trade Show Poll Results: 56% Want March Dates

June 19, 2002

News about the stock market seems to begin almost daily with the phrase “the markets closed mixed today”. The same might be said about the results of a non-binding poll that SIA conducted among its members to learn their reactions to trade show dates in late January rather than the traditional March timeframe.

The poll was requested by a member during the Annual Meeting held at the January ’02 show. Results varied depending on member type and what product category each member company represented.

SIA’s research department conducted the poll. Two questions were asked: “Are you in favor or against the new January/February SIA trade show dates which kick off the winter sports buy/sell cycle?” and “What is the optimal number of days the SIA show needs to be for your company to accomplish all its business?”

The two-question poll was sent to the principal of each member company via fax, email, or mail. There were a total of 740 SIA member companies at the time the survey was conducted, Regular (250), Associate (281), and Sustaining (209). The response rate was Regular (244 or 98%), Associate (222 or 82%), and Sustaining (104 or 81%).

SIA contacted some companies seven times in an effort to generate as many responses as possible and to give all members an equal chance to lodge their opinions.

The responses to the question about preference for dates showed that overall, with 569 members responding, 44% were in favor of the late January dates and 56% were against the dates.

The results look different when it is separated by membership category:

Type of member: In Favor: Against

Regular: In Favor–36.8%:Against–63.2%

Associate: In Favor–45.2%:Against–54.8%

Sustaining: In Favor–58.6%:Against–41.4%

The results vary even more when broken down by product category:

Equipment (with snowboard):In Favor-50.5%:Against-49.5%

Apparel: In Favor-47.1%:Against-52.9%

Accessories: In Favor-32.7%:Against-67.3%

Snowboard Equipment only: In Favor-57.6%:Against -42.4%

Snowboard Equipment-Apparel: In Favor-58.6%: Against-41.4%

Equipment, no snowboard: In Favor-41.3%:Against-58.7%

Cross country equipment: In Favor-52%:Against-48%

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In response to the question regarding the length of the show, 33.4% said three days was optimal to complete their business, 53.1% responded four days, and 10.7% said five days. It was clear that a 4-day show was what the membership felt was the optimal. The 2003 show is a four-day show, January 27-30 at the new Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.