SIA Reviews Buy/Sell Cycle Progress

BALTIMORE, MD (May 2, 2003) -- The annual meeting of snow sports industrytrade show producers was held recently near the Baltimore-Washington InternationalAirport in Maryland. The meeting included representatives from SnowSportsIndustries America (SIA), the national trade association, and from theNew England, Eastern, Southeastern, Midwest, Midwestern and Western RepAssociations.

The group reviewed the progress made jointly over the last two years tocreate a more efficient industry Buy/Sell Cycle and reaffirmed its commitmentto move in this direction. This includes positioning the SIA Show as akick-off show followed by regional on-snow demos and regional writing shows.

SIA confirmed that the future dates of its show will stay at the frontof the industry Buy/Sell Cycle for the foreseeable future. The SnowSportsShow dates are: January 26-29, 2004; January 24-27, 2005; January 23-26,2006; and January 22-25, 2007.

Rep associations reported that they have reduced the number of their regionalwriting shows from 20 in 2000 to 13 in 2003. The Eastern Winter SportsReps Association (EWSRA) eliminated one of its shows this year as has theWestern Winter Sports Reps Association (WWSRA).

“EWSRA’s decision to move to one regional show has been successfully implementedand will continue into the future; we tightened up the schedule,” saidKlaus Zimmerman, president of EWSRA. “Further, our research from this pastyear is showing us that more retailers from our region plan to go to theSIA Show next year.”

“As a group, we have reaffirmed a cooperation to make the necessary changesthat will ensure an earlier completion to the Buy/Sell Cycle,” stated DickLeffler, president of Nils and chairman of the SIA board. “I was pleasedto be part of the discussion and I’m glad that SIA was able to host themeeting.”

Representatives agreed that all aspects of the industry would be fullyinformed of the progress made toward streamlining the industry buy/sellcycle, the role that each show plays in the cycle and how suppliers, retailersand reps can best utilize the shows in their business plans. A concertedeffort will be made by all parties to position the SIA Show as the industrykick-off show preceding the on-snow demos and writing shows.

Maureen Bliss, executive director of the New England Winter Sports RepsAssociation, said, “This group has committed to communicating to our constituentsthe direction the Buy/Sell Cycle is taking. SIA will provide us with aletter to send to our retailers and reps clarifying the show dates, andwe will do our part to spread the word.”

Information about progress on the industry buy/sell cycle will be distributedby SIA and Rep Associations as it becomes available.


Eastern Winter Sports Reps Association, Midwestern Reps Association, MidwestWinter Sports Reps Association, New England Winter Sports Reps, SoutheasternWinter Reps Association and Western Winter Sports Reps Associations areorganizations that represent industry sales reps. They produce and manageregional on-snow demos and trade shows in various parts of the United States.

SnowSports Industries America (SIA) is the national, not-for-profit, member-ownedtrade association that represents snow and winter sports outdoor companies.SIA produces the SIA SnowSports Show, the largest trade show and gatheringplace for the snow sports industry. For more information, check out SnowSports Industries America, 8377-B Greensboro Drive, McLean, VA 22102-3587.Phone: (703) 556-9020, Fax: (703) 821-8276, Email: