SI For Kids And Snow Monsters Team Up

(New York, NY, Oct. 15, 2003) — SPORTS ILLUSTRATED FOR KIDS and SNOW MONSTERS"¢ are launching the “Sports Illustrated For Kids nextXsnow SEARCH,” a series of freeride competitions at U.S. and Canadian resorts, which will culminate in a championship series at Keystone, Colo., April 2-4, 2004. The announcement was made today by Peter Krieger, Publisher of SI FOR KIDS and Jack Turner, President of Snow Monsters.

The goal of the search is to find kids who best represent the next generation of “extreme” athletes.

“It’s not just a competition,” says Turner. “We are looking for great all-round skiers and riders, but style, attitude, and personality are also factors.” There will be one class of skiers and snowboarders, which will include boys, girls, and all others interested in participating, including adaptive athletes. The “Sports Illustrated For Kids nextXsnow SEARCH” is the first all-round, all-mountain, all-people competition to make the 2004 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED FOR KIDS nextXsnow Team.

Contestants must be 9 through 13 years of age to compete and can do so at participating local ski resorts (locations and all event rules to be announced in coming weeks at resorts and Boys, girls, skiers, snowboarders, and adaptive athletes are all eligible to enter.

Ski resorts participating in the “Sports Illustrated For Kids nextXsnow Search” will host local versions of the competition to nominate kids for the Series Final in Keystone. Selections will be made through judging and online voting at each resort’s website. All kids will have the opportunity to be involved in the event at some level, by either competing themselves or by voting for their favorite athletes.

“The nextXsnow search brings to life the mission of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED FOR KIDS,” says Krieger. “The event is action-driven, fun and most of all it recognizes kids for getting out and becoming the athletes they all aspire to be.”

Resort operators agree. “This program will get every young skier and rider amped for the season,” says Bill Stenger, President of Jay Peak Resort, VT. “It’s also a way for kids from smaller ski areas to compete on an even field with the large tain features – is a perfect location for the final event,” Turner says of Keystone Resort. “The nextXsnow SEARCH is an exciting concept to showcase America’s best kids and for our industry to reach out to a new generation.”

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SNOW MONSTERS"¢ is the national ski & snowboard program for kids. Snow Monsters"¢ promotes on-snow safety, courtesy, an active outdoor lifestyle, environmental respect, and respect for other people. It is endorsed by the National Ski Areas Association, SnowSports Industries America, Professional Ski Instructors of America, American Association of Snowboard Instructors, National Ski Patrol, and the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Teams.