The Summit at Snoqualimie was brave enough to host the Shut up and Snowskate finals featuring the worlds top binding-less buzzards. The course featured the biggest snowskate features ever constructed in the history of this new to some people sport. Over 40 competitors turned out to battle each other in a series of events, including the world snowskate speed record! Optimal conditions brought out some of the largest quarter pipe airs seen to date in the twisted first leg of competition. Jake Tomlinson, currently number one in the world in the quarter pipe division, blasted consistent head high backside airs all day. Coming in hot behind Jake was Clarke Hurlbut. Clarke planted perfect backside body-jars over the hip, and boosted the steeziest frontside airs of the day. Clarke also unsuccessfully attempted to pull the first heelside rodeos off the hip several times but was ejected to the flats below. Legendary board binding user now gone strapless, Joey McGuire snapped a couple of sweet backside airs to start a new saga without being physically attached.

The boner box was up next—at a staggering twenty feet of stiff vertical fear. Most professional binding users would probably choke on its size. Few attempted and even fewer succeeded making it up half way up this new snowsk8ting feature. Jake Tomlinson wasn’t scurred to get tuned up a couple times before reaching a seventeen foot height and walked away unscathed and victorious.

Next up was the Slash for Cash, where over 40 competitors raced kamikaze down a narrow snake run from the Summit. One snowboarder was seen poaching the course prior to the race, then unbuckling half way down in fear. This was the most intimidating of all disciplines due to boards, leashes and bodies stacking up throughout the course. Leashes are mandatory and for a good reason, tripping your homeys up when you stack in front of them. O There was only one way through this mess—straight threw the body bags. Once again Clarke Hurlbut held it together threw two heats arising victorious.

Once the slopes were swept by local patrol it was time to break the world speed record, or start one. It was scary to say the least, as thirty competitors were straight shot racing on the Summits fastest slope. Helmets were mandatory for competitors even thinking about trying to break the record. Clocking in it a whopping 43mph, Clarke Hurlbut broke the laws of speed wobbles and took the victory.

The three stop U.S tour would not have been possible without help from the Summit Krush Kulesza, Ryan Davis, Gnu Snowskates, Oneballjay, Electric, and Starfish.

Final Results:

Pipe Smoker: Jake Tomlinson
Radical Ripper: Clarke Hurlbut
Wookie Rail Ripper: Sean Davis
General-Lee Radical: Tyson Butler
Boner Boxer: Jake Tomlinson
Heaviest Snowskate: Mark Steinberger
Metric Maniac: Colin Sproute
Slash For Cash: Clarke Hurlbut
Pat Bonsor Award: Pat Bonsor
World Speed Record: Clarke Hurlbut (43 mph)