Shredding MySpace

These days, snowboarders are like rock stars--super famous people that you can only really get close to by stalking, or on the Internet. Famous as they are, they still have to deal with summers, layovers, and downtime in general. PowerBook G4’s were last season’s hottest snowboard accessory, and pros love the MySpace almost as much as you do. So log in, you might be surprised at who you’ll find.

Editors note:

MySpace is played ... but add us as your friend anyway!

Jason Borgstede

MySpace name: jason

Is it really him: Uh, yeah. Only Borgstede could come up with such a long winded, slightly clever, slightly arrogant “about me.

Chance he’ll add you: Pretty good, with 200 + friends and daily log-ins.

Peter Line

MySpace name: Peetardo

Is it really him: Absolutley, it’s a little known fact that Peter actually runs the internet.

Chance he’ll add you: Pretty alright. He has comments ranging from fans to kids he went to high school with.

Sean Tedore

MySpace name: Tedore

Is it really him: Yes. When you get hurt as much as Tedore, you have to come up with some way to occupy your time.

Chance he’ll add you: 500 plus friends. He clearly accepts everyone who adds him. As will his dog, Sir Winston III.

Robbie Sell

MySpace name: nobody (but it changes often)

Is it really him: Yep. Robbie recently learned how to use a computer.

Chance he’ll add you: 50-50. Send him a message first.

Matty Ryan

MySpace name: Matty

It is really him: Yeah, he’s not THAT popular.

Chance he’ll add you: You and the other 332 people that have requested him. Unless he actually knows you, then you might get screened.

Jaqui Berg

MySpace name: Jaqui

It is really her: Yes, despite the picture being a drawing, this is the real deal.

Chance she’ll add you: She appears to be friends with mostly people she knows, so you might have to woo her a bit.

Corey Smith

MySpace name:

Is it really him: Yes. Corey sees MySpace as the shameless self promotion tool that it is.

Chance he’ll add you: Hmm, almost 900 friends. That’s a 100 percent yes.

Pat Moore

MySpace name: Pat

Is it really him: Yep, the fake Pat Moore profiles will start popping out after this season.

Chance he’ll add you: Maybe if you ask really nicely.

Molly Aguirre

MySpace name: Molly

It is really her: Yes, if not, she has a pretty crazy stalker.

Chance she’ll add you: As one of the nicest people alive, Molly would probably feel bad denying anyone.

Lane Knaack

MySpace Name: Lane

Is it really him: Uh huh. Lane uses MySpace to pick up chicks.

Chance he’ll add you: Are you a hot chick?

Shaun White

MySpace Name: Shaun

Is it really him: If he randomly started 15 profiles for no particular reason.

Chance he’ll add you: What does he care?

Stephen Duke

MySpace Name: Stephen

Is it really him: Yes. You can tell because he doesn’t even have to use words to describe himself.

Chance he’ll add you: Stephen clearly uses MySpace strictly to look popular. All he does is accept people.

TJ Schneider

MySpace Name: Mr. TJ Schneider

Is it really him: Yes. People don’t spend that long writing “about me’s on fake profiles.

Chance he’ll add you: Pretty good. Try it for yourself.

John Jackson

MySpace name: John

Is it really him: Probably not. Even pro snowboarders aren’t that crude.

Chanced he’ll add you: Someone will...

Laura Hadar

MySpace name: .Hadar.

Is it really her: Sure thing. Misschief is all up on this piece.

Chance she’ll add you: Send her a damn message first. And ask nicely.

Mercedes Nicoll

MySpace Name: Mercedes

Is it really her: Yes, clearly because other people made her join.

Chance she’ll add you: Pretty alright, but you might need to send a message first.

Bobby Meeks

MySpace name: Bobby

It is really him: Yes, Bobbby looks for people to sponsor on the internet.

Chance he’ll add you: Maybe he’ll even sponsor you.

Joni Makinen

MySpace name: Joni

Is it really him: Yes, people only use the term “jet setting when referring to themselves.

Chance he’ll add you: He hasn’t been on MySpace long, so get in there before he realizes that have a ton of friends is kind of annoying.

Danny Kass

MySpace name: Dan, Danny, Danny Kass

It is really him: Out of the 8 profiles, not a chance.

Chance he’ll add you: As long as you pick one of the fake Danny’s that isn’t bored pretending.

Plenty other snowboard super stars are represented on MySpace. But, I’ve done enough legwork--go find the rest yourself! Rumor has it there’s even a fake Shane Flood profile out there somewhere, and if you’re behind it watch your back--Shane’s pissed!