Shaw Kaake Leaves DNR

Zurich, January 21, 2000. Shaw Kaake announced today that he has resigned as Vice President of DNR Sportsystem, effective immediately, and has left the company.

Shaw will pursue other entrepreneurial interests in the integration of Computer Aided Design, and the Internet, building systems for the next generation of web-based industrial and snowboard design.

“The possibilities of combining the Internet with industrial design are endless and challenging.” Shaw commented, “Having designed all boards and bindings on CAD systems since the late 80’s, integrating design and manufacturing is something on which I am strongly focused. Current web-based experiments of communicating between the riders and the designers, are going to lead to some amazing things.”

He continued, “My interests are in creating the next generation of snowboard design tools that will link every consumer closer to the products he or she rides. I believe this is the key to bringing riders closer to the designers, the designer closer to the manufacturing, and delivering killer product, faster to the marketplace.”

Shaw was involved with DNR, since its founding in 1990, designing snowboards and bindings for the brands which used DNR as a design and production resource. The aggressive approach that was taken towards research and development in snowboards, resulted in products such as the StepCap suspended edge system and “Split” construction technology.

“The experience of designing for different brands, owners, and working with the various personalities over the years has been a very interesting advantage in working for DNR”, said Shaw. “One gets to try numerous approaches to the task at hand without the limitations of a single company’s ideology.”

The design history includes a snowboard in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, in New York City, and a very successful StepCap board design under the feet of Gian Simmen and the European boardercross team. Under Shaw’s direction, the research and development department at DNR developed over 300 different production models of snowboards, and produced numerous generations of bindings, both soft, plate and step-in.

This past season, Shaw directed the development of a line of snowboards based on a broader graphic concept, corresponding sales tools, and new generation soft bindings and boots in Asia, all of which will debut at the upcoming trade shows in Munich, ISPO, and Las Vegas, SIA.

Prior to his years at DNR, Shaw built snowboard factories and designed snowboards for Sims and Snowtech Snowboards. He has been snowboarding since 1978, and since then, sketching out better riding boards on every blank piece of paper he could find.

Shaw can be reached through email at