Shaun White might have snagged his third Olympic gold in the halfpipe, but for Team USA, the medal count is a bit higher. Securing his top spot with a 97.75 on his final run, Shaun White also secured the 100th Olympic gold medal for Team USA at the Olympic Winter Games. Starting back in 1924 in Chamonix, France, when U.S. long track speedskater Charley Jewtraw won gold in the 500-meter on January 26, 1924, the 100th gold came on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018. It has been 94 years in the making.

More to snowboarding’s note, Team USA entered the 2018 Winter Olympics with 96 medals, meaning Red Gerard, Jamie Anderson, Chloe Kim, and Shaun White delivered the 100th with their riding alone. White is the only snowboarder to ever win three Olympic gold medals, and is the second most decorated winter U.S. athlete, right behind speedskater Eric Heiden, who owns five. The United States is also second in the overall gold medal count, trailing Norway by 21.

The gold medal is actually made of mostly silver, containing 6 grams of gold in the plating. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Check out the photos above and the full count of medals from the differing disciplines below, and keep checking back as we cover more from the 2018 Winter Olympics right here on TransWorld SNOWboarding!

• Long Track Speedskating – 29
• Alpine Skiing – 16
• Figure Skating – 15
• Snowboarding – 14
• Freestyle Skiing – 8
• Bobsled – 7
• Short Track Speedskating – 4
• Ice Hockey – 3
• Skeleton – 3
• Nordic Combined – 1

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