Shaun White Takes Snow Summit Triple Crown Pipe

So it’s not the Olympics¿but it was another picture-perfect day at Snow Summit, for the Vans Triple Crown mens halfpipe finals. The sun was wailing and so were the boys out on this mid-season Sunday¿vying for $30,000 in cash.

Postponed from Saturday’s schedule due to wind and weather, the pipe finals ran just before the big air event finals. The crowd was thin but the riders rode like hell in the nicely shaped U-pipe tube¿delivering the goods for photographers.

Everyone’s a judge. I would have put both Eric Jackson and Lane Knaack in the top ten. Keir Dillon Pounded the halfpipe, with his standard barrage of Indy McTwists and sevens. He pulled the sixth place finish. Keir kept riding after the contest, throwing up some ‘Quisty moves for Kevin Zacher and Jeff Curtes to capture on film. Abe Teter rode hard and solid throughout, he came away withfifth. Terje Haakonsen got a well-deserved fourth place. He was riding the pipe all damn day, and taking a beating. The tricks don’t really even matter. He slammed and split his board apart, and dropped right back into the pipe unfazed only to pay in pain. Watching this guy ride halfpipe is a fucking spectacle. He got three grand. Travis Rice is the guy who kept the Haakon factor from the podium spot¿for sure. His runs were vulgar displays of power and determination¿it was like he was pinch-hitting for Ross Powers or snorted his Wheaties. He ripped and he was scored fairly¿at least in this event. Third for Rice.

Andy Finch is another pit bull in the halfpipe. He’s all amp and somehow manages to reel in that weird 1080 Haakonflop. He takes $6500. The little bastard did it again¿get used to it. Shaun “Bonaducci” White bested all other scored runs and took home the big money. He is smooth, he is good, he doesn’t fall often. Frontside 1080. Whoa, the sun burn is kicking¿time to check out the Big Air finals…..

Halfpipe Results
1. Shaun White
2. Andy Finch
3. Travis Rice
4. Terje Haakonsen
5. Abram Teter
6. Keir Dillon
7. Christopher Nelson
8. Luke Wynen
9. Jesse Kumlea
10. Martin Cernik
11. Lane Knaack
12. Eric Jackson
13. Justin Lamoreaux
14. Lucky Lopez
15. Jed Anderson

1. Gretchen Bleiler
2. Cara-beth Burnside
3. Autumn Rose

Slope Style Finals
1. Todd Richards
2. Shaun White
3. Kyle Clancy

1. Tara Dakides
2. Katrina Voutilainen
3. Pauline Richon

Big Air Finals
1. Josh Feliciano
2. Nate Sheehan
3. Andreas Wiig