October Issue: Shaun White Giveaway


Burton hooked up a head-to-toe White Collection kit—that's board, boots, bindings, pants, and a jacket. All you had to do to was show us what the halfpipe of your dreams looked like. A lot of kids broke out their art supplies, doodled, drew, painted, or as you’ll see, crafted an elaborate diorama. There were a lot of really creative entries and we hope the pipes of the future resemble some of the models we saw.

Congrats to Toby Mitchell from Vancouver, British Columbia

“My name is Toby, I’m 13-years old and I constructed a model of my dream halfpipe. I went for a more realistic approach, because i honestly would LOVE to see half-pipes with coping become a reality! I hope you like my idea as much as i do! Thank Shaun for me…”

Toby wins:

  • Burton Operator Board

  • Burton Shaun White Boots

  • Burton Custom Bindings

  • Burton White Collection Transmission jacket and pants.

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