Shaun White mid double dip. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Shaun White mid double dip. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Shaun And Kelly Qualify First In Mammoth Grand Prix
“I’m keeping it as safe as possible” remarked Danny Davis after stomping a clean run to qualify fifth in today’s Olympic Grand Prix. That was the riding tone for the majority of today’s competitors. Double corks were reserved save for a few. It seemed like everyone was holding his or her breath for Kevin Pearce.

The notorious Sierra breeze was at bay and the weather was perfect as things started off this morning. The park crew corrected an ailing wall last night, which eased the nerves of many riders and perfected the 22-foot beast. Again, young bucks and lesser-known riders continued to seep into the upper rungs of the competition. Greg Bretz, Broc Waring, Jeff Batchelor and Matt Ladley all threw down top-notch runs in complexity and more importantly, style.

Shaun dominated the first heat, dropping a 44.8 and a 47.1 to snag the first place spot. In the second heat Greg Bretz was leading the pack, then dropped one of the cleanest doubles of the day a front double ten. Riders were no doubt holding out on tricks and we’re sure to see the level of riding heighten tomorrow.

On the ladies side of things, Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, Gretchen Bleiler, Sara Conrad, and Holly Crawford were boosting. Seriously. The ten-foot mark was breached multiple times. Such amplitude and trick difficulty definitely led Kelly, Hannah and Gretchen into the top three spots. But the smooth, technical runs with effortless style from Ellery Hollingsworth couldn’t be overlooked either. Rounds of “Yeah Maddie!” echoed at the start gate more than a few times as the fifteen-year-old Madeline Schaffrick from Steamboat Springs, Colorado snuck into the fifth spot.

The weather is looking a little gloomy tomorrow, but the riding surely won’t be. Check back for updates on the finals and stay posted to and for more Olympic Grand Prix coverage.

Men’s Pipe Qualifying Results
Shaun White 47.1
Greg Bretz 45.9
Jeff Batchelor 43.8
Louie Vito 43.4
Danny Davis 43.3
Elijah Teter 43.0
Broc Waring 42.2
Justin Lamoureux 41.3
JJ Thomas 41.2
Jack Mitrani 40.7
Matt Ladley 39.7
Scotty Lago 39.6
Steve Fisher 39.6
Andy Finch 39.0
Brennen Swanson 39.0
Mathieu Crepel 38.9

Women’s Pipe Qualifying Results
Kelly Clark 46.5
Hannah Teter 43.9
Gretchen Bleiler 43.1
Ellery Hollingsworth 42.4
Madeline Schaffrick 41.9
Elena Hight 40.5
Clair Bidez 39.9
Holly Crawford 39.0
Kaitlyn Farrington 38.9
Kelly Marren 37.8