Seth Wescott, USA

US Olympic Snowboardcross Seth Wescott

Age: 33

Hometown: Sugarloaf, Maine

Stance: Goofy

Recent results: 2nd place in overall World Cup Snowboardcross standings

Olympic outlook: Defending SBX Olympic Gold medalist and an all-around shred veteran, Seth Wescott is an extremely well-rounded rider and seasoned competitor. Not only is he a former alpine racer with an intuitive understanding of speed, he has also spent a month in Alaska every year since 2002 honing the precision board control demanded by death-defying lines. Seth's mental game is rock solid—he's methodical and patient, and he generally makes good decisions mid-course where many riders get tripped up. If his body is healthy, there's no question that Seth can stomp anyone in the world—which is why he's already wearing one Olympic gold medal around his neck.