Sessions Web Site Revamped

Santa Cruz, CA—April, 2003—Sessions is very happy to announce the completion of a major over haul of the Sessions website. Up and running right now, and by far one of the most stylish websites on the net, you will find everything you need to know about one of the premier clothing companies on the market today.

In the Product section, you will find a comprehensive catalog of our Spring ’03 Men’s/Women’s line, which is getting high praise from team riders and buyers as our best Spring line yet! Included in the Product section is a dealer search engine and an international distributor directory so that no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to find Sessions apparel for all your comfort needs. And are you looking for a particular shirt or hat your dying to have but your local shop doesn’t carry? Buy it on our online store!

While browsing our new line of shirts, pants, jackets, and accessories, check out our Team page to see pictures and read up on all of our professional and amateur rippers. See 20 years of progression in our History section to learn all about the evolution of Sessions, including a slide show documenting the lifestyle that lead to where Sessions is now. Stay up to date with our News and Events section to keep up on Sessions ground breaking news and upcoming Sessions events that you can be a part of.

Check out Sessions Records for all your music needs. From Gwar to The Faction, AFI to our soon to be released, one of a kind skater band compilation. No matter what you rock out to, you are guaranteed to find something to quench your musical thirst.

Also on the new site is warranty information, a FAQ page for any general questions you may have, links to all of our favorites websites, and information about contacting Sessions.

Sessions is an action sports apparel company based in Santa Cruz, California. Established in 1983 as the nation’s premier skateboard and snowboard shop, today Sessions brand defines the image of core board-sports by continually striving to produce progressive product for the active youth consumer. For more information on Sessions Apparel or Sessions Records, log on to