Sessions Hires, Promotes Staff

June 13, 2002

Sessions has hired Hahn Tran and promoted Marvin Plummer and Ty Dennis.

Sessions is proud to announce Hahn Tran as the new Product Coordinator. Hahn is a great addition to the Sessions team. Her contributions to the production and development departments are going to be felt strongly.

Experienced in this field, Hahn will be in charge of production and development with the tee shirts, sweatshirts, headwear and accessories. Hahn earned her associates at West Valley College and concentrated her work in Apparel Design and Electronic Pattern Making. Hahn has experience as a Pattern Maker for POIS, Intern for Marian Clayden, assistant store manger for Zutopia, Operations Manager for Episode, Assistant Manger for Joan and David.

Sessions lack of marketing person has required every employee to step up and show initiative. After countless interviews and tons of resumes, Sessions has decided to promote from within, Marvin Plummer (Art Director) and Ty Dennis (Distribution Supervisor) will fill the marketing position. Marvin will be assuming a new position at Sessions as the Creative Director. Marvin has shown the initiative to step up and show by example. His “take charge attitude” has kept Sessions marketing moving in the right direction.

With many great ideas in mind to help Sessions, Marvin will be a great contributor to the marketing team.

Ty Dennis accepted the Marketing Coordinator position. While working in Distribution, Ty has shown the drive and passion for Sessions and the industry. His positive work attitude and drive to make Sessions a top competitor throughout the industry will be beneficial to marketing, and more important, Sessions.

Sessions is an action sports apparel company based in Santa Cruz, California. Established in 1983 as the nation’s premier skateboard and snowboard shop, today Sessions brand defines the image of core board-sports by continually striving to produce progressive product for the active youth consumer. For more information on Sessions Apparel or Sessions Records, log on to