Our September issue is on news stands now! Have you seen it yet? It features a Torstein Horgmo pro spotlight where you, the reader, asked the questions. It also features our 2012 Team Shoot Out in which you decided the winner. Not to mention our 2012 video preview. So we guess we could say that this issue is all about you, the reader! It’s available everywhere magazines are sold, or better yet, let it come to you and subscribe now right HERE!




You might think that Torstein Horgmo is Mr. Popular and that everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Well that’s just not true. While he’s got some serious hype around him right now, that wasn’t always the case… Check out Torstein’s Pro Spotlight to hear what happened.


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This years Team Shoot Out was a little different then in years past. Instead of us at the magazine deciding the winner, we decided that it would be better if you guys, the viewers, picked the winner. For the first time ever, the TSO winners were picked by you guys by voting on Facebook. But that wasn’t the only change that happened. This year we moved on from hard good teams to outerwear teams. Nike, Oakley, Burton AK, and Special Blend battled it out against each other. How did it turn out? Pick up the issue and find out!



By the time you get this magazine, the new videos will be hitting the shelves at your local snowboard shop. Pick up the new issue for our 2012 video preview and decide which videos will be on your must see list. Here’s a hint… It should be all of them.

Jake Kuyzk. PHOTO: Andy Wright