Sean Johnson Launches StepChild

The rumors you may have heard are true… another snowboard company, just what the industry needs … maybe.

Sean Johnson has teamed up with some fellow derelicts and started his newest endeavor Stepchild Snowboards. “I’m not doing this to get rich,” explains Johnson, “I am just another rider that is trying to help take back the industry. The majority of people making decisions on the direction of our sport don’t even ride,” says Sean. “What I also see happening is that too many companies have been following the same template on how a company should be run. There’s not too much originality anymore and everyone seems to be doing a safety dance. Forum did a successful team video so now everyone is going to do a team video…Duh.”

Stepchild is absolutely broke. They have no investors and don’t want any. “I re-mortgaged my house and that is what’s funding this. Why should someone that knows nothing about snowboarding have any say in a snowboard company?”

Stepchild is starting small and according to Johnson if they stay small then that is completely fine with him. “I would rather have 100% control of a smaller company than 10% control of a bigger one.”

In the first year, the main focus will be on the Canadian market. Stepchild will never be sold in the larger sports chain stores and only available to specialty shops. “It’s not like we are a ski company making neon parabolic skis one year and putting skulls on snowboards the next. If I see another skull on a snowboard I think I’ll puke.”

For the first year, Stepchild will have three shapes and sizes: 154, 158.5 and 162.Sean got Rob Morrow to help him with board specs and design.

“There can still be a community in the snowboard industry. I talk to certain companies and they all say how snowboarding is now big business. They fire people just before they have kids and ” that’s what big businesses do.” The only thing big in snowboarding is certain people’s egos.”

Stepchild has no money for a team but negotiations are in the works to sign young up and comer Sean Kearns. “Stepchild’s team will consist of riders who need free boards to ride or sell while they are between sponsors but if you wear a rocker belt or drive an Audi then don’t call us,” says Johnson.

Regardless of what Stepchild does, it should get pretty interesting. Wick Winder Distribution, another one of Sean’s bright ideas, will distribute the boards.

(Wick Winder is also the Canadian Distributor for One Ball Jay.)

For more info call Wick Winder Distribution (604) 987-1184 or e-mail