Scott Vine Snags First At Hot Dawgs And Handrails

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Hot Diggity Dawg

Scott Vine takes the sixth annual Hot Dawgs And Handrails at Bear Mountain

When that chilly bite of cold starts hitting, you know winter is close. Cold frosts and light dustings of snow follow. But in SoCal, the nibble that marks the start of winter comes from chowing hot dogs at the end of summer event Hot Dogs And Handrails.

During practice the dust bowl of product tents were swirling with screaming kids eager to perform gross stunts for a hat. We saw energy drinks and beer pounded out of moldy shoes, hot dog eating contests and flesh exposed for sticker packs. Some obscure food company was shoveling out Beef Tornadoes and free boards, too. And if you’re keen to mow a hot dog, then a Beef Tornado in your stomach isn’t any different.

Back to the action. This year’s setup had better flow than previous HDHR events with a forked run that let riders get down on two sets of features. The left had a down-flat-down elbow rail and a flat box mounted on a pyramid box. The other side started with a down box that led into a wall ride or down C-rail and finished up with a wide, pointy pyramid box. The runs were slender to say the least and lined with hay bales so tricks had to be perfect to avoid getting tossed.

Riders hustled. In the three plus hours it took to weed through the fifty some competitors, riders were running laps through the dusty, muddy setup. And by the time finals started all were absolutely exhausted from hiking in snowboard boots in 80-degree weather. Big ups bros and ladies.

In the finals Louif Paradis was trying to smack back fives into wallride while Jake Kuzyk and Brandon Cocard were softly killing things with some of the smoothest styles there. Johnny Lazz was practically dancing on the down box, doing combos that you only see in video games. Meanwhile the kinked elbow rail was crushing riders and no one was making it through the last kink. Jed Anderson and Jake Kuzyk stepped to it and cleaned a few combos on it while Ted Borland laced a perfect tailpress through the whole thing for Best Trick. In the end the loot went to Bear loc’ Scott Vine for flips and jibs galore.

But before the dustbowl settled for the evening, Bear’s Parkumentary and ThirtyTwo/Stepchild’s This Video Sucks were shown to the loyal herds that stuck through the entire event. Both deserve a watch and remind us that winter is on its way. Now go pray for snow.

1. Scott Vine
2. Jed Anderson
3. Zak Hale
4. Jake Kuzyk
5. Ryan Tarbell

Best Trick: Ted Borland