Scott Sport Group Acquires Company

The United States and European marketing teams for Scott Sports Group recently acquired Scott from its previous owners.

The new worldwide management team and ownership will be led by Tom Stendahl, newly appointed chairman and CEO; and Beat Zaugg, president, Scott Europe. Stendahl and Zaugg, as majority shareholders, along with the management team, have established a Management Buyout Organization (MBO) to allow for this change in control.

According to Vice President Larry Morton, nothing at the company has changed, this was merely a management buyout. “We’re planning to continue with snowboards in Europe,” he says, “but there are no plans just yet of bringing them back into the United States.”

The company says it will concentrate all human and financial resources on strengthening the Scott brand and its current position in bicycle, winter-sports, and motorcycle accessories.

“This move will allow Scott Sports Group and its affiliates to continue to refocus its efforts,” Stendahl stated in a press release. “As we move forward, the newly formed management team of owners will emphasize the company’s core strengths, provocatively address specific market needs, and place renewed emphasis on customer service in each of the markets we serve.”

Up to this point, no changes with the European snowboard factory, Blizzard, have been announced, but Morton says plans are in the works. -Robyn Hakes