Scott Serfas is on his way to Hong Kong for the finals of the Red Bull Illume photo contest. The winners are going to be announced August 29th. His photos made the final cut of photos. In a contest that started with 6,417 photographers, there are now only 250 photos left, and Scott has five out of 30 photos in the snowboard section. Take a look at his photos that made the finals below:

[imagebrowser id=7662]

and here are all of the photos that Scott submitted into the contest:

[imagebrowser id=7663]

We were curious as to Scott’s involvement in the contest. so we hit him up.

Why did you decided to enter the Red Bull Illume photo contest?  
I decided I would enter because I felt that some of my photos had a chance of doing really well. It’s also really great exposure for all of us photographers.

What are you predictions for what’s going to happen in Hong Kong? Who do you think is going to be crowed the overall winner?

There are so many great photos in the top 250. I think there are at least 10 photos that can win the overall. Judging photography is so personal that it’s really hard to say which way it will go.

So there you have it folks. It’s anyone’s contest. Check back here later in the week to see who takes home the win.


Scott Serfas at the TransWorld Offices. PHOTO: Ben Birk.