Savier Footwear Launch

What if you really could have the best of both worlds? What if rider-driven design and know how could mix with the most advanced shoe technology on the planet?Wonder no longer¿Savier Footwear has arrived, led by three long-time industry friends and entrepreneurs.

“We had always talked about starting our deal if the right opportunity presented itself,” says Paul Fidrych, founder of Savier Footwear. “During our long tenure in the skate and snow industries, we have made contacts with the most incredible designers and top technology providers out there. The time is right now.”

Fidrych comes from one of the strongest backgrounds in rider-driven design spending six years at Burton Snowboards building products for the world’s best riders. That same philosophy has found a home here¿with a new twist. Savier is small with giant resources. Team riders will be involved in every aspect of R&D, design, and image. “We will keep the core group small so their input will really have an effect,” stated Fidrych.

Joining Fidrych’s project is Jeff Jewett and Rob LaVigne. Jewett was most recently the coordinator of one of the finest teams in action sports at Smith Optics. Jewett will direct Savier’s marketing just as he once directed the skatepark and skateboard operations at Windell’s Snowboard Camp¿with a focus on what is really important in the industry; team riders and skating.

Savier’s Director of Sales is Rob LaVigne, former pro snowboarder, longtime rep in the action sports industry, and the man formerly in charge of Adidas’ skate program. “The real opportunity here,” adds LaVigne. “Is to be able to do this right. From team involvement, to reps, to retailers, we have a chance to build this the way it should be from the ground up.” LaVigne ends by saying “We will be focusing on specialty skate shops because that is where the market is and will remain.”

Says Jewett, “We have one goal¿to make the best skate shoes period. We want to make skateboarding better. Not the industry or the image but the actual act of skating. To make a shoe that set the new standard for durability, board feel, grip, cushioning, and of course, the best new styles in the industry.” Look for us at ASR in February.

Contact Info:
Savier Footwear
NW Savier Street Box #10748
Portland, Oregon 97210