Sato Flip

Starring Rob Kingwill

“I really don’t know what this trick should be called, but I first did it by accident at the Breck pipe and have been able to do it ever since. Some people think it should be called a 'Kinger Flip.’ Some people have said it’s a frontside McTwist. Todd Richards called it a 'Suicide Flip,’ and I like to call it a 'Sato Flip.’ Sato means sugar in Japanese, but I don’t really care what it ends up being called, all I know is that it isn’t a Crippler.”

1. Drop in fast.

2. Ride up the transition like you’re going to do a frontside 540.

3. Pop in the air and grab frontside, then throw your head, shoulders, and hips down the hill.

4. Lean forward and look under your heelside edge. (Don’t look straight back like a Crippler.)

5. Float around upside down and tweak.

6. Use the force to figure out when to put your feet down because you can’t see the landing until you’re there.

7. Stomp that shit and celebrate by doing a huge method on the next wall.

Robbie Kingwill is a native of Jackson, Wyoming but spends the majority of his year traveling and competing. He is a pipe digger at Mt. Hood during the summer and proudly represents Nike. Air Kinger snowboard boot?