South America Snow Session Update 2


After a week plus of shredding and partying at SASS all the campers are starting to get a little beat down. “Crushed” is the term of choice. Hang here long enough and you’ll start to adopt the lingo. And the kids have been crushing it.  I use the term kids loosely. This is the 18-and-over session, so technically, we’re all adults, but here at camp it’s easy to feel like a kid again. It’s just play all day.

Here’s a run-down:

7:30--Breakfast is served. You can pick from cereal, eggs, ham, cheese, and fresh croissants. And most importantly the coffee’s good and strong, which really seems to help after only getting 2 hours of sleep.

8-ish--Buses load and start the half-hour drive up the hill. This is the best time to catch a couple extra minutes of sleep. Siestas are crucial for survival here. When you get to the mountain everyone unloads at Tage, a little snack shack that blast Latin beats and fries up the freshest empanadas. It’s a must stop.


9-ish-- First chair. But first you gotta figure out which one’s running. Hard to know some days. Not too much consistency on the day-to-day. The Sextuple’s a good option. Seats six and has a bubble. That helped during the last couple days when it was pounding an inch-plus an hour.


12-1-ish--Lunch in “Shopping,” the day-lodge that’s also more or less a mall. The food court serves up all kinds of really good food, and for pretty cheap. Also make time for the mandatory mid-day caffination. Get that Cafe con leche. The Doble (double) will really do it.

2-4 ish--Ride the rest of the day away. Lap the trees. Just try not to disappear in the deepness. It’s deep. Maybe the deepest I’ve ever ridden. But, look out for the bamboo. It’s a bitch to get stuck in. But, that’s just one of the a rites of passage, so don’t stess.  If it’s clear, or clearing, get up top. The views from the upper mountain are insane, or so I’ve heard. The sun’s only come out for a couple minutes since I’ve been here, but I caught a glimpse and can only imagine.


5 ish--Back to “shopping” for another coffee, mabye a beer, each only costs a couple bucks. Then head back to Tage, hammer on a couple more empanadas, or papas fritas, pull up a chair and catch up with all the homies about the day. Everyone’s usually got ear-to-ear grins at this point, so even though you’re beat down, excuse me, crushed, everyone’s buzzing. Morale is always high.

5:30 ish--Back on the bus. Catch another nap. Unload at Valle Del Sol, peel off wet gear, make sure you find a heater to put your boots by, lurk around the lodge, watch movies, play pong, eat more empanadas, or dulce de leche, or any of the other postres they put out everyday. It’s maxing out made easy. And probably time for another siesta….


8 ish--Dinners served, then dessert, every night is better than the last, three courses and a room full of friends, all rapping about the day, which just might’ve been the best day of their life. Seems like there’s a lot of those down here at SASS.