Sapient Snowboards Is Finally Here

OCTOBER 3RD, 2003 — Vancouver, B.C. The wait is finally over. Yes, the rumors are true… Sapient Snowboards is finally here! Sorry for taking so long!

Aaron Macdonald, Brand Manager of Sapient Snowboards (a division of A. Mordo & Son Ltd.) is pleased to announce the official launch. “I am so stoked right now, states Aaron, “this is the most exciting project I have ever done. Sapient Snowboards was put together by a handful of riders (to be announced at a later date), a marketing guy and a retailer. Sapient is about 3 things — Progression, Personality and Evolution:

Progression: Progressive riders with progressive ability levels. Our riders have been chosen based on their ability to take riding to the next level. Sapient products themselves are progression – not many gimmicks; just great products at a great price.

Personality: Every aspect of our company (whether it be our Accounting department, our Team or our Sales & Marketing department) has a “customer comes first personality. We want our customers, our consumers, our staff and our suppliers to feel good about our products and our brand — no BS here. Gone are the days of attitude. Remember, we all got into this sport we call snowboarding for one reason alone — FUN. We are who you are.

Evolution: Progression and Personality together define our evolution. Although we are a new company, we are ever evolving. Whether it is trends, riding, product quality, customer service, whatever, it is important to us that we continually take Sapient to the next level.

Sapient’s array of products include: mid to high-end snowboards, boots, bindings and helmets. As well, we’ve developed an accessory line around what most snowboarders do after they’re not snowboarding, i.e. Streetwear, Bags, etc.

To support this program, we developed a strategic and global marketing campaign created by our riders, which includes: a full-scale advertising campaign in major snow mags, video sponsorship, team riders, tradeshows (SIA, NSIA, ISPO), to name a few. Our new website will be officially launched on November 15th.

Furthermore, Aaron says “This is a very exciting time in the snowboarding industry. It’s time for the next generation of future snowboard suppliers to make a difference to the sport. “Our inspiration has been and will always be about how much fun snowboarding is.

The Sapient staff includes: Alex Mordo — President/CEO, Shaun Morris — VP of Sales, Aaron Macdonald — Brand Manager/Marketing, Neil Ryan — Production/Team and Ryan Tomkinson — Graphic Designer.

Lastly, Sapient Snowboards is looking for qualified and experienced North American Sales reps and European and Asian distributors. For more information, please send a e-mail to .

Sapient Snowboards begins for the 2004-2005 season at the SIA show in Las Vegas. To find out more about Sapient Snowboards please call Aaron Macdonald at (604) 321-4443 or send a e-mail to

See you on the hill very soon!SAPIENT SNOWBOARDS 2004