Sapient Has Successful Trade Shows

March 1st, 2004 — Vancouver, B.C. “I just want to say thank you to all theretailers who came and visited us at the most recent SIA and NSIA shows”,states Aaron Macdonald, Brand Manager.

“So much effort was put into Sapient the past few months” explains Aaron,”Wastell, Coulter, Dionne, Ryan, Neil, our factories, all our reps anddistributors deserve many thanks for all their hard work! To see Sapientcome to fruition and to see peoples positive reactions to the product — bothcosmetically and the way they ride, means a great deal to me (and thebrand)!”

Now that all the major shows are wrapped up, the Sapient sales crew areready to hit the road for order follow up, PR and yes to finally go riding!Be sure to check out the Sapient team of Pros and AM’s at the up-coming TeamChallenge or at a shop near you.

Additionally, Sapient is pleased to announce it’s participation in twoup-coming video projects — Sean Johnson and Defective Film’s — Promo Copy —featuring Chris Coulter and Kurt Wastell ( and WhiteOut(Wildcats) — Positron, featuring Dionne Delesalle(

For more information on Sapient and it’s array of products, including:snowboards, winter skateboards, helmets, bags and streetwear; please