Life is good if you are a snowboarder on planet earth right now. Plenty of snow everywhere from the left coast to the right coast in “America the Beautiful” and with a bounty in Europe as well. This makes it a great start to the new year. The S.C. team has been living the life to it’s fullest with all the readily rippable white stuff. Stephen Duke and Aaron Keene have been shooting with the guys at Standard Films and have each got a couple of burly rail shots under their belts.

The Keen-sta’ also went out to his first ever Triple Crown contest and went to work on the rail contest. He was blowing the minds of all competitors and judges alike with a 180 to switch 50-50 to switch backside 540, (say that 10 times fast) off the end of the rail resembling a Nike swoosh and taking the cake. Congratulations Aaron!

Robbie Sell has been banging away at his part out in Utah for the newly created division of Kingpin productions video entitled NEOPROTO.

Charlie Morace is recovering from a very slight knee injury suffered early season in Mammoths’ pipe. He is already back on the snow but taking it slow.

Curtis Woodman has been out filming for a part he will have in the new Planet Earth team video.

New female hot stuff rider Alexis Waite has been up in Whistler apparently killing the local rail park.

While fellow Whistler resident, Dave Basterrechea has been on the attack as usual with his big mountain abusing style.

Congratulations to Gian Simmen for placing 2nd in the X-Trial Japan held in the Tokyo Dome, December 14th!

Both Gian and Dani Constandache are still recovering from Dani’s raucous New Year’s Eve bash at the SB Jam over in Switzerland. Gian and Dani are always the crowd favorites. They were blowing minds by playing follow-the-leader thru the pipe, trying to out blast each other from wall to wall.

That’s it for now from the SC snow camp. But look for a ton more coming at you as the season is now in full effect and our riders are out there in the mix.