Santa Cruz Snow Team News

Once again it’s on like Donkey Kong. The snow is falling in the Northern Hemisphere and people all around are proceeding to get their jib on. Our SC riders got a jump on all ya’ll when they invaded Europe this past month and laid the smack down on the local glaciers.

Stephen Duke, Gian Simmen, Curtis Woodman, and Charlie Morace were on the scene in Saas Fee filming with Tim Manning of Standard Films, as well as, collecting some digi shots for a 411 Road Trip article.

The crew then headed to Zermatt, Switzerland home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Matterhorn, to shoot some photos’ for the new catalog. Alexis Waite stepped it up in front of the boys and threw down a board slide to fakie on an 18 stair incredibly high rail. This got Curtis Woodman pissed and he decided to deal this rail a dose of the new shiznit with really real looking feeble to fakies, Barley style slider things. Don’t want to claim Barley grind because he is after all on a snowboard, but they looked super steezed. Board slide to pretzel twist out, frontside board slide to pretzel twist out and switch front side sliders. Look for this and more in an upcoming issue of 411Snow.

Charlie Morace, who by the way used a whole roll of medical tape everyday to wrap his sprained ankle he sustained while skating the new Louisville Kentucky skatepark, found a jib of his own. A resort sign about 20 feet high. He rolled off of a roof to 50-50 to 180 off impressing all the Euro onlookers standing around in there fancy one piece ski suits.

Back on the mainland Robbie Sell has been busy down at Mammoth shooting for the Quiksilver catalog, no doubt Quik is going to have plenty of styley shots to choose from of The Sell. Aaron Keene has been spotted bagging groceries at the local Safeway, as well as, bagging shots with Pierre Minhondo of Leviathan Productions over at Boreal’s random rail set up.