Santa Cruz Signs Dani Costandache

Dani Costandache is the newest member of the Santa Cruz International Team. He’s known for his lofty alley oop 720 rodeos and explosive big airs. This season he has already scored in the Nokia Big Air and has been impressing all the heavyweights with his sensational superpipe sessions.

He rang in 2001 by hosting the seconc Annual Snowboard Jam Event in Davos, Switzerland. 23 SuperPros and 5,000 SuperFans came to watch the massive Superpipe get slashed. Dani organized the event as a chance for freestyle pros to get together away from the pressures of contests, and have some down home freestyle fun in the pipe.

Watch for him this season in the X-Games Superpipe and the Van’s Triple Crown Events. For more bio information about Daniel Costandache, check out