Rusty Battle of the Twin Towers In Sweden

The competition side of the snowboard scene the has been pretty muchsame-same for the last couple of years. We feel it´s time to set thesnowball in motion again.The RUSTY BATTLE OF THE TWIN TOWERS to be held March 17, 2001, with the collaboration of the corestsnowboard Brand ALLIAN, will revolutionize people’s view on snowboard as alifestyle sport. It will be a truly competitive event but with the spirit offreeride and friendship sessions.Elements never seen in the snowboard competition community before will takeplace.In Rider Cup (golfers only) countries and continents compete.

We arenow putting together some of those ideas are transformed into a snowboardcontest, in the RUSTY BATTLE OF THE TWIN TOWERS.

Besides being something that catches the eye RUSTY BATTLE OF THE TWIN TOWERSsymbolizes the ski jumping towers on the arena. It also illustrates thatthere is more than one reason for the riders to come here and compete. Thefirst, and maybe the most obvious, reason might be the opportunity tocompete for one’s mother country/continent. The second reason can be notonly the price check, 100 000 SEK for this first year but also the strangeexperience the riders and invited are going to know… All will be accomodatedin the big jail of Falun… Yeah, mini ramp and huge party is on the schedule,the brotherhood is a priority and we want the riders unify as a family.And that is the core in this event: to attract the best riders. To say theleast, indications show that this might be the competition that sets thestandard for going big and going in style this winter.

THE CONTESTThe riders will compete in a new type of competition format. All will takeplace during jams/riding sessions with a competitive edge. Best trick,biggest air, best line, slopestyle and other disciplines will decide who iscrowned overall champ. The riders are judged by maybe the best jury in thesnowboard world right now, they are judging themselves. The riders arehandpicked from all over the planet. Jacob Söderqvist, well known worldclass rider for years, invites team captains from each continent and thecaptains bring the four best riders from that continent to the competition.With the knowledge that this might be the competition this winter the riderswill push the limits further than ever in their efforts to make the coverson the leading magazines and to being seen on TV.

ORGANISATIONFalun has a long tradition of hosting successfully arranged contests onsnow, such as cross country skiing (World Championships etc), ski jumpingand some serious snowboard contests as well. The ski jumping arena holdssomething like 10 000 spectators and is ideal for exposing spectacularperformances and create a good atmosphere between riders and the crowd, notto mention the media’s relaxed contact with the best riders in the world.With more than 13 years of experience in competing in and organizingsnowboard events the people behind RUSTY BATTLE OF THE TWIN TOWERS is theguarantee for making it one of the best, if not the best, invitationalsnowboard contest ever. To make sure the conditions for world classperformances are right David Ny and Jacob Söderqvist will shape the jumps.David shaped the legendary pipe & quarter in Riksgränsen that took IngemarBackman to covers on every Snowboard Mag worth mentioning. He also shapedthe Arctic Challenge quarterpipe this year and he is on the pay roll forboth FIS WC and the olympic games. Together with Jacobs’s experience fromcompeting with the very top they make the perfect shaping duo.A bigmotocross show will also warm the crowd with the Fredrik Hedman crew, thecraziest motor stuntmen on ice.CHILLI video team, co sponsor and broadcaster of the Artic challenge, willassure full coverage of the event’s images on their TV program CHILLIFACTOR.

Invited team captainsCanada: Kale StepHensEurope: Jean “Babs” CharletScandinavia: Ingemar BackmanUSA: JOHN SOMMERS

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