Rossignol Snowboards Releases RS Mag

The death of the all-too-typical consumer catalog meant the birth of a fresh way to check out the new goods. Inspired by all the magazines on the shelves, the citizens at Rossignol Snowboards, created RS the magazine. Loaded with content, it gives you more to look at then a typical catalog that usually only shows a few products and token riding shots.

From interviews with Travis Rice and Todd Richards, to learning about WTFIU with all the riders and other goodies like JF Pelchat’s Trip Tips, you’ll see more in RS the magazine then just the specs on your favorite board. But when you do need detailed info on product, you can flip to the 02-03 Product Guide that’s packed with information on all the new Boards, Bindings and Boots. Get a copy today at your local shop.

Rossignol Snowboards has been building premium equipment for all riding styles for over 15 years. We rely on the most important resources, riders and having fun. Those riders are: Todd Richards, Travis Rice, Hana Beaman, Andrew Crawford, Jeremy Jones, Alex Auchu, JF Pelchat, Dionne Delesalle, Tadashi Fuse, Eero Niemela, Tristan Picot, Doriane Vidal and Pauline Richon. See them in action and write to them online at: