Rossignol Moves Hammer Production, Consolidates Brands

The Rossignol Group has decided to close the Grand Chavin factory in les Rousses (France) for industrial reasons. The production of our brands (Hammer and Hot Snowboards) will be transferred to the Rossignol production facility in Artes (Spain) in a wish to reach the quality standards needed on today’s market. The technical specificities of Hammer snowboards (horizontal woodcore, top finish) will be kept in order to offer a complementary line to the Rossignol Snowboard brand.

Furthermore, as an answer to the consolidating snowboard market, and according to the wish of the Rossignol Board to reorganise its snowboard division, it has been decided to combine the previous Hammer, Emery, and Hot offerings (boards, boots, and bindings) under the unique brand of Hammer Snowboards. This fusion will allow Hammer Snowboards the required sales and promotion means needed in order to pursue its increasing activity.