Ross Powers In The Hot Seat

Ross Powers has quietly taken over the halfpipe circuit. He’s definitely become the man to beat, and in the year 2000 he hasn’t lost very often. Snowboard Life tracked him down during his hectic schedule to answer a few questions from his fans across the globe. So go ahead, ask him something you’ve always wanted to know.

In 2000 alone, Ross Powers has racked up more halfpipe wins than most riders can put on a resume in their entire career. It reads like this: firsts in all three Triple Crown events, the Gravity Games, and the Goodwill Games. Second place in the U.S. Open, X-Games, and the Tahoe Grand Prix. He’s also the overall 2000 ISF World Halfpipe Champion. Not bad for a quiet, 21 year-old kid from Vermont. Ross rides for Burton, RLX Polo Sport, and Power Bar.

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