Ross Powers Answers The Hot Seat Questions

Hot Seat With Ross Powers

Ross Powers, Olympic Bronze medalist, U.S. Open halfpipe winner, and all around ruler, sat down and answered questions from riders everywhere. Here’s what he had to say.

Q. Ross, what’s your trick to getting over pre-comp jitters? I usually get so nervous I feel like I’m going to puke. Thanks.¿Jace

When I started competing I used to get really nervous myself. The more I competed the easier it got, but I still get nervous in some of the bigger contests. While I’m waiting for my run at an event I try to hang out with friends and keep my mind off the event, then when it’s my turn I’ll visualize my run and then try to ride like it’s still practice and there’s no pressure. Good luck losing your pre-comp jitters and winning contests.

Q. My home mountain is Stratton too. What can I do to improve my backside hits in the pipe? I always get nervous and ollie back into the pipe and land in the flats. What can I do to change this? How should I hit the wall? Thanks.¿Mike Palazzo

How’s it going? That’s cool you ride at Stratton. To do a backside air in the pipe you want to approach the wall with enough speed to make it up the wall. You also want to stay low by bending your knees. Go up the wall at an angle so you keep your speed and go down the pipe. When you get to the top of the wall let the lip send you¿you might have to ollie if the wall is laid back. Try to ollie up instead of away from the wall into the flats. Good luck and maybe I’ll see you at the pipe.

Q. What’s the most important factor that has led to your success?¿John Maguidar

The most important factor is that I’ve lived for snowboarding and have followed my dream of being a pro snowboarder since I was in fourth or fifth grade. Also my Mom who has always supported me from day one and all the other friends and people who have been there for me or helped me out.

Q. I just wanted to say you seriously are my favorite snowboarder of all time and I know you probably get that a lot, but that’s okay. I wanted to know: when did you start snowboarding and are you dating anyone right now? ‘Cause you are so hot but anyway, that’s all, bye.¿Diana

I started snowboarding when I was seven years old on Christmas day on a Burton Elite 130 that my Mom gave my brother and I for Christmas. And I’m not dating anyone at this time. Thanks for the complements.

Q. Hey, I’m Emory Robinson¿I rode with you up in Montana at Red Lodge. I rode with you back to the airport. Remember? Anyway, I was wondering if the Powers 58 would be good for park and pipe riding? If not, what’s a good board for me to use?¿Emory /

How’s it going? I hope the rest of your summer after the camp at Red Lodge went well. That was a cool little camp and I had fun snowboarding and playing games with you and the other guys. I ride the pipe and park most of the time, so that’s what I made my board for. You should try it and if it’s too big, I’d recommend a Burton Balance or Custom. Take care and maybe I’ll see you next year.

Q. I was wondering if you do any summer dry land training? I know you probably ride a lot at Hood in the summer but I wanted to know if you do any extra exercising in the summer months also. Thanks.¿Hana Beaman

In the summer I spend a little time at Mt. Hood, but I like to take a break from snowboarding and hang out with friends and do other stuff. In the summer I like to stay active by playing soccer, motocrossing, skateboarding, mountain biking, wakeboarding, and whatever other sports come up. I do some regular dry land sometimes, but I mainly like to just stay active with fun sports.

Q. I went to your camp at Stratton last spring after the U.S. Open. It was so much fun to ride with you. You’re a really cool guy and an awesome rider. I just wanted to know if you were going to do the camp again. I would definitely go and bring a few friends. Keep it up, man.&¿Trevor Giuliani

How’s it going? I’m glad to hear you had a good time at my camp last year. I plan to have the camp again, one session before Christmas and one after the U.S. Open. You can check out for the info. Hopefully I’ll see you at the camp so we can do some more riding.

Q. Ross, your riding is the shit, man! What’s your most memorable moment in snowboarding and what gives you the urge to push yourself harder, learn tricks, etc? Cheers mate, later.¿Chris Carvell

My two most memorable moments in snowboarding have been winning the bronze medal at the 98 Olympics and winning the 99 U.S. Open at Stratton, which is where I’ve grown up riding. Learning new tricks, improving my riding, and having fun is what keeps me going. I learn new tricks by adding variations to tricks I know or by watching other riders. Or sometimes I learn new tricks by accident, if I’m lucky.

Q. Do you ever ride anything else but pipe?¿Sue D.

I do spend a lot of time traveling competing in pipe contests. But I’ve done all kinds riding from racing when I was younger to the newer events like big air, slopestyle, and boardercross. I’d have to say my favorite days riding are a nice pow day or cruising a fresh pipe and park with my friends.

Q. Vermont represent! I just moved from Mount Snow to Boulder to go to school. You ever make a move like that? Take it easy, bro.¿Nate Dogg

I haven’t moved out of Vermont yet, but I spend about half my year or more on the road traveling to different places. I think about moving to somewhere new a lot, but it’s hard when I travel so much and I only get to see my family and friends at home once in a while as it is. I was in Boulder last spring and that place goes off. Have fun out there and good luck with school.