In recent weeks, rumors have been circulating about a group of industry veterans in the Northeast forming a new snowboard company called Rome Snowboards. It turns out the rumors are true.

What sets this group apart is that they’ve worked for some of the biggest snowboard companies in the world and have real industry experience. The founding group includes Paul Maravetz and Josh Reid, who left Burton last year, and a sales director whose name has yet to be confirmed.

To move beyond the current hype-driven market, the group is excited to put together a brand that’s focused on super-innovative product design. But it’s not just about the product. Although there have been no team riders signed yet, Rome Snowboards will focus on building a team of the next generation’s superstars over the upcoming winter.

Word is that Rome will have three series of boards in twelve lengths total. The boards will be designed and made in North America, and the brand will debut in Las Vegas during the January SIA Show.