Rome Signs New Northwest Rep

After pioneering the brand for two seasons and spreading more than his share of disruptive propaganda, Rome’s original Northwest rep Chad Hochman decided to hang-up his west coast rep biz and move back east this past summer. So a slot opened up for a new addition in the SDS.

After touching base with shop owners and talking to a variety of possible reps, Rome brought in Erick Schade to continue to build its Northwest faction. A native of Portland, Oregon, Schade comes to Rome with a decade spent repping snowboards and snowboard outerwear. During this time, he spent ten years with a board brand and grew the Northwest to the company’s number one territory in North America. Beyond repping, Schade is also responsible for reviving one of snowboarding’s original riding posses—the legendary Team Flowage that was started by Greg Hall and others back in the late 80s.

Working closely alongside Erick, Taylor Schaffer will work to develop the Northwest arm of Rome’s AmArmy, propagandize, run demos, and support shops in their needs relating to the Rome SDS.

Last month, Erick and Taylor flew in for Rome’s annual International Summer Sales meeting and immediately stepped deep into the Syndicate, killing it during the day sessions and being there when the sun rose with DI and others most mornings. On the first night, Taylor even came close to winning the not-so-coveted Uncle Whitey Award.

If you are in WA, OR, ID, MT, or AK and want more info on Rome, give Erick a call at (503) 706-6251 or email him at, or give Taylor a shout at (503) 869-3073. And for any shop questions, you can always send an email to

Getting back to his Jersey roots, Chad will rock his Rome Anthem at Mountain Creek this winter and stay involved in the Syndicate through stuff like helping out the Rome rep at the Killington demo in February. Good luck to Chad in his exploits.

More news on SDS rep transitions and step-ups coming soon…