Rome Releases Limited Edition Syndicate

Limited-edition boards rule.

Dark graphics rule.

Free videos rule.

At the tail end of its first production run, the Rome SDS is releasing its Syndicate LE graphic. A late release scheduled to hit shops at the end of November, the LE features limited artwork that is dark and low-key.

“Last winter, the team, AmArmy and a lot of shop guys were over-the-top on our black promo graphic that wasn’t for sale. So to finish off this season, we decided to create some different stealth artwork and release it on a limited basis on some of the in-line boards,” says Dennis Healy, Rome’s Creative Director.

Instead of focusing the design on one length in only one series, the Syndicate LE graphic will be available in select quantities of models in every series from Rome. That means that regardless of whether a rider wants an Anthem, an Agent or a Solution, he can get the LE graphic if he heads to the right shop at the right time. The LE graphic will be released in both black and dark gray.

In addition to the board, every purchase of a Syndicate LE board gets a complimentary DVD copy of Foghorn Productions’ Exposed, an underground 16 mm film that Rome is sponsoring this season. In addition to parts by team riders Matt Downey and Vic Lowrance, Exposed includes an imbedded version of Corruption I, a short video production filmed and edited by the Rome team and AmArmy.

The Syndicate LE graphic is being distributed to Rome shops across North America—visit to see where you might be able to get your hands on one.