Rome Hires New Ontario Rep

Darren Robinson.

Thrower of Lien Draculas. Canuck. Frequent Visitor of KTV. Leafs Fan. Respecter of The Joker’s Cripplers. BackInTheDay Pro. Blackout Specialist.

And now, in the summer of 2004, he has another title to the list: Traveling Salesman for the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate.

That is, Darren has signed on with the SDS to become the latest addition to its North American rep crew. He’ll cover Ontario, Canada.

Darren has mad street cred as a shredder. After coming up the ranks of the Canadian amateur scene in the late 80s, Darren competed as a pro through the first part of the 90s, including an 8th place finish at the US Open. When Rome pro Jesse Fox (an Ontario native) found out that Darren was the new Rome rep, he confirmed Darren’s level of mad shredder street cred.

After struggling to eat (and buy 12-packs of Kokanee) as a Canadian pro rider in the mid 90s, Darren traded his contest bibs for a steering wheel and entered the glamorous world of a snowboard rep. He spent a few years repping a couple of “large brands and taking them to strong positions in the Ontario market. After that, he made the move to the inside of a couple snowboard companies where he worked in brand management and product management. In these roles, he logged a ton of frequent flyer miles to dial in product designs at factories around the world, and he orchestrated private product launches at “clubs in Montreal at the NSIA show.

Darren’s background in riding, repping and product design wasn’t enough for Rome to pull the trigger and bring him in. The SDS needed that extra, ultra-dope piece of street cred. When they found out that Darren had bro-downed with Cheech (of Cheech and Chong) and taught him how to ride for a celebrity charity event in 1990, that was the closer. After all, the brand is a huge fan of Cheech’s inspired work in that late-90s show he made with Don Johnson.

More recently, Darren experienced the Rome summer sales meeting this past week. The SDS is happy to announce that he wasn’t scared off by either side of the Mullet philosophy, and will start spreading its influence once he gets home.

Darren has a Blackberry, so shops can reach him by email 24/7 at, or by calling (866) 212-6965.

And according to Darren, when you visit KTV, never pick from the first group.

More claims of mad street cred soon.

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