Rome Hires New Midwest Rep

Toasting new reps at 11:00 in the morning when a contract spews threw the fax machine sucks. But sometimes it happens. Regardless of the associated liquid displeasure, the Rome SDS is more than stoked to announce a huge addition to its rep army—Chris Coleman.

When one of the Midwest territories recently opened up, Rome started looking for the right person to step-up the brand in that part of the country. Then, when Coleman’s long-term repping relationship ended with a large Vermont-based snowboard brand (that is now trying to sell urban fashion), Rome saw a chance to bring some additional firepower to its North American rep crew.

On the most basic level, Coleman’s joining the Syndicate means that riders in the Midwest (IL, MN, MO, IA, KS, WI, ND, SD) are going to have an easier time getting their hands on the Rome stuff that they want—stuff like Anthems, Agents, gloves, bags, t-shirts and Canteens. And it’s already happening—after being on the program for only a couple weeks, Chris has already brought a few more snowboard shops into the fold of the SDS.

With clinic season ramping up, he’ll be hitting the road soon to let people know the inside tech details of the Rome line, distribute some Dr. Boozers, hook people up with a few limited edition clinic Ts, and continue to spread the propaganda.

To get in touch with Coleman about any questions on Rome, give him a call at (708) 361-0773 or drop him an email at And shops can always speak directly with Rome’s Dan Sullivan at