Rome And Obsidian Snow Host Mt. Hood Demo Center

June 10, 2002

All homeless winos know that free stuff is good. If you happened to be a homeless wino who snowboards, this general concept that free stuff is good would definitely include free snowboards.

Of course, you don’t have to be homeless or an alcoholic to appreciate free stuff. In the summer of 2002 at Mt. Hood, without the hassle and humiliation of begging like a street-corner bum, you can check out the yet-to-be released snowboard models from the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate at no cost. Okay, you donà­t actually get to keep the board, but for a day or two you can shred it without having to part with a single dollar.

To bring the free demo program to Mt. Hood, Rome teamed up with Obsidian Snow & Skate, a shop with its main location in Hood River, Oregon. Each summer, Obsidian sets up a satellite shop at the base of Government Camp to supply riders flowing through town with their essential needs. Since Obsidian is going to carry Rome this coming season, it made sense for the two to get together and provide the demo program.

At the shop in Govy, Obsidian will have collection of Rome’s three new board series for kids from the camps and the general public to test out. For riders who want to get involved in the Syndicate and give their feedback to Rome, there will be an optional test form to fill out. Details:

Where: Obsidian Snow & Skate, upstairs from the legendary Ratskeller on Main Street in Government Camp.

What: A demo fleet of Rome’s Anthem, Agent and Solution board series.

How Much $ Out of Pocket: Zero.

Necessary Means: Youà­ll need an ID and a credit card to make sure the stuff finds its way back to the store.

What Else You Can Get: “Obsidian Sucks t-shirts, Rome T’s and trucker caps, accessories, skate gear, and other good shit that costs a small amount of dough.

In other Hood news, Rome AmArmy rider Luke Mathison will be coaching full-time at High Cascade. So if you want to learn more about the program, beg for some Rome schwag, or test out one of the boards on the DL, get in touch with Luke and heà­ll help you out. And keep an eye out for the Rome Summer Team T, a limited-edition design created by a group of Rome team and AmArmy riders, and only for sale this summer.

For homeless winos and other interested riders, Rome’s break-out line of boards will go on sale at snowboard shops across North America, Asia and Europe in the fall of 2002.