Rome Adds New Reps

Charging forward, the Snowboard Design Syndicate continues to expand and spread its disruptive influence into riding communities throughout North America. As Vegas and the upcoming demo season approach, the new company has assembled a nearly complete arsenal of sales reps for the key territories of the U.S. and Canada.

With sales guy Dan Sullivan on point, the recruiting objective has been in line with the overall direction of the brand¿to build a team of rider-reps who have deep roots in snowboarding and want to be super involved in the development of the company. Fundamental biz skills are obviously key, but instead of just settling for people who sell snowboards like they were used cars, Rome has focused on signing up reps who are tied into their local riding scenes and who care about the direction that snowboarding is headed in.

Along with the riders, the Rome rep force will be the frontline unit in the brand’s campaign to corrupt the existing snowboard paradigm. They will be the ones who build the company’s dealer base of quality snowboard shops that represent and support the sport. They will be the ones to identify and enlist small groups of next generation of kids who will take the snowboard evolution forward. And they will be the ones who coordinate with headquarters to expand certain branches of the Rome syndicate.

So far, Rome has deployed the following crew of talented purveyors of snowboard, skate and lifestyle products:

Norcal/Western Nevada:
John Graham
530.546.4639 (o)

So Cal/AZ:
Will Baumfalk
714.377.9403 (o)
714.608.5934 (c)

InterMountain (CO, UT, WY, NM):
D.I. (Darrin Nielsen)
365.655.0658 (o)
801.362.1140 (c)

New England:
Tony “Mike” Deleo
207.934.5252 (o)
207.650.2763 (c)

New York/Mid Atlantic:
J. Smith
724.238.8295 (o)
724.309.0415 (c)

Name Not Ready for Prime Time Exposure
920.330.XXXX (o)
920.XXX.XXXX (c) (this is a real email address)

Richard Emond
450.465.0215 (o)
514.945.5140 (c)

Chad Hochman
206.781.0302 (o)
206.714.7984 (c)

Sully forces these guys to keep their cell phones on 24 hours-a-day, so feel free to give any of them a call, at any hour, and hassle them for insider information on Rome and a chance to demo the new shapes and board technologies.