Robin Van Gyn – Full Moon Film

Robin Van Gyn has fierce, yet poised style and her positive energy radiates through all she does, making her a key component among the Full Moon crew. Pemberton, B.C. | Photo: Colin Adair
Early morning starts to get the goods in Pemberton, B.C. | Photo: Colin Adair
Spine-life in AK. Photo: Chad Chomlack
Preparing for sendoff in the Whistler Backcountry. | Photo: Ben Girardi
Robin is a pillow-popping queen. Whistler Backcountry. | Photo: Darcy Bacha
Robin stepped to massive terrain this year and absolutely crushed it. Photo: Ben Girardi
Uniquely Robin. Photo: Chad Chomlack

Robin Van Gyn is a Whistler, B.C. local and has made its backcountry her office over the last nine years of being a pro snowboarder. Having tested the waters in competition, Robin has turned most of her career focus to the backcountry, with many years of coaching and guiding in Argentina and filming over five video parts with Runway Films, Peep Show, P.S. Media and now Full Moon. Other accolades include being voted one of “Canada’s 50 Coolest Canadians” and landing the cover of 2015 SBC Women’s Annual, which coincided with a full feature interview. On top of professional snowboarding, Robin has started making a path to becoming a guide and also spends her spare time surf adventuring in Mexico with her lab, Stella.

Robin on filming with Full Moon:

Full Moon has brought snowboarding full circle for me. So many of the crew are the riders I looked up to and were inspired by, so now, to run beside them is a bit of a trip and definitely a privilege. It’s not just the main crew either, it’s everyone involved. Whether it was being blown away by the contest girls, riding with legends and hearing their stories, or realizing your own role in it, the whole process has put things in perspective and given me a deeper appreciation for everything that surrounds snowboarding.


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Robin’s Full Part from Full Moon

Also know under the latin name of "Robohawkus Bootylicious”, Robin is undeniably one of the most powerful goddesses in the crew. The girl has more drive than a Bugatti, more balls than a bowling alley, snowboarding’s best booty, more jokes than Jim Carrey and loves snowboarding more than Donald Trump loves Chinese money. She’s a gem that brings so much to the crew and that’s one of the many reasons why we love her. – Marie-France Roy

Full Moon is a two year film project that seeks to feature the past, present and future of women’s snowboarding. Get to know the girls.