Ripzone Announces Athlete Invitations List

In year seven of Whistler’s legendary springbash, the TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival, a new snowboarding entity isborn. Continuing with the tradition of providing the grand finale of thecompetitive season, the Ripzone Snowboard Invitational (April 12-14) invitessome of the top riders in the world including recent Olympic gold and silvermedallists Ross Powers and Doriane Vidal.

The rider-designed Ripzone Snowboard Invitational features Superpipe and BigAir disciplines and is awarding a prize purse of $55,000 CAD. The Superpipetakes place in Blackcomb Mountain’s famed pipe that is consistently rankedas one of the top competition pipes in the world. The rider-requested Jamformat ensures a relaxed, fun event where riders get a number of chances tothrow down their best run. The Superpipe Competition also features arider-judged SuperHit Contest for an added prize bonus.

The Big Air takes place in Whistler Village at the base of Whistler Mountainduring the afternoon of Saturday, April 13 from 4-6pm. Snowboarding andmusic combine to deliver a Big Air “show” that only Whistler can deliver Musical performances include international DJ Seanski, the improvised breakbeat house music of Canada’s The New Deal, Los Angeles-based funk band,Breakestra, and several surprises.

Friday, April 12
10am-1pm, Superpipe Training
4pm-6pm, Big Air Training

Saturday, April 13
9am – 1pm, Superpipe Qualifiers
3:30pm, Big Air Warm Up
4-6pm, Big Air Competition

Sunday, April 14
11am-1:30pm, Superpipe Competition
1:30pm, SuperHit Contest

Athletes are invited based on their results from the season’s most importantevents including the X-Games, the US Open, the Vans Triple Crown Series andthe Olympics.

big air invitations
AUCHU, ALEX (Rossignol, Billabong, Iris)
BEACH, JAMES (Burton, Anon, Grenade)
CRAWFORD, ANDREW (Rossignol, Northwave, Drake)
DELESALLE, DIONNE (Rossignol, 32, Etnies, Iris, Drop)
DESCHENES, GUY (Atlantis, Mission Six)
EMERY, JONAS (Rossignol, Arnette, Billabong)
FOX, JESSE (Rome Snowboards, Anon, Nixon)
GIMPL, STEFAN (Burton, Oakley)
GOLDBERG, RUBE (Nitro, Billabong, Von Zipper)
HENAULT, MAX (Flow, U Project, Smith, Rewind)
MELANCON, DAVID (Drop, Helly Hansen, Empire, Airwalk, We, Oakley)
PAGE, MIKE (Foursquare)
RENCZ, MIKEY (Burton Snowboards)
RICE, TRAVIS (Rossignol, DC, Oakley, Nixon, Grenade)
RICHARDS , TODD (Rossignol, Quiksilver, DC, Oakley)
TIKKANEN, PAAVO (Rossignol, Iris, Volcom)
VANNINEN, ALEKSI (Elan, 686 Enterprises, Smith Optics)
WALL, EDDIE, Jeenyus, DC, Foursquare, Smith
On Stand-by for the Big Air are: Josh Chapman, Tadashi Fuse, DanielMigneault, Eero Niemela, Lukas Huffman, Max Jenke, JF Pelchat, Marc-AndreTarte, Benji Ritchie, Guillaume Brochu, Risto Scott and Ian Bolden.

superpipe invitations – men
AUTHIER, GABRIEL (Atomic, Westbeach, Dakine, Anarchy)
BEACH, JAMES (Burton, Anon, Grenade)
BRUNNER, THERRY (Nitro Snowboards)
DESCHENES, GUY (Atlanta, Mission Six)
DILLON, KEIR (Burton Snowboards)
EMERY, JONAS (Rossignol, Arnette, Billabong)
FINCH, ANDY (Palmer USA, Rip Curl, Spy)
KINGWILL, ROB (Nike ACG, Allian, Giro, Jackson Hole)
LAMOUREUX, JUSTIN (686 Enterprises)
MELANCON, DAVID (Drop, Helly Hansen, Empire, Airwalk, We, Oakley)
NIEMELA, EERO (Rossignol, Volcom, Oakley)
POWERS, ROSS (Burton Snowboards)
RICE, TRAVIS (Rossignol, DC, Oakley, Nixon, Grenade)
RICHARDS, TODD (Rossignol, Quiksilver, DC, Oakley)
VANNINEN, ALEKSI (Elan, 686 Enterprises, Smith Optics)
WAINWRIGHT, BEN (Blue Blood, Pacific Boarder, Oakley)

superpipe invitations – women
BLEILER, GRETCHEN (Salomon, Oakley)
BYRNES, TRICIA (Laamar, Nokia, X-Nix)
GLAZIER, LORI (Scotties, Oakley, Tapley’s Pub)
JOHNSON, AMY (Airwalk, Roxy, Smith, Palmer)
PISCHKE, MEGAN (Allian Inc., The North Face, Gravis)
RICHON, PAULINE (Rossignol, Roxy, Northwave, Drake)
RICKER, MAELLE (Burton, Oakley, Whistler/Blackcomb)
STACEY, KIM (Volkl, Deeluxe, Smith)
VALLEE, DOMINIQUE (Oakley Software & Apparel, Nitro)
VIDAL, DORIANE (Rossignol, Vans, Oakley, Nokia)
WIIK, LISA (Nitro Snowboards)

All riders that requested an invitation to the Superpipe competition, andwere not selected have been entered into the Superpipe Qualifier to competefor a spot in the finals.

A Competition Advisory Team made up of riders and leaders in thesnowboarding industry including; Adrian Millar (Ripzone), Rob Kingwill (USHalfpipe Rider), Kevin Sansalone (Canadian Big Air Rider), Sean Lake(Burton) Mark Taylor (MASEV Communications), and Lindsay McWilliam (MASEVCommunications); have overseen the rider invitations and the competitionformats for the event. The RIPZONE SNOWBOARD INVITATIONAL is presented by Ripzone, WhistlerBlackcomb and W1. For further information, please visit: