Rip Curl Launches Global Web Site

Rip Curl International is excited to announce the launch of its new Global Rip Curl Website – The website, designed in current “New Look and Feel” graphics, is an awesome development for Rip Curl and will be an essential part of Rip Curl’s ongoing global brand communication for all marketing and merchandising initiatives.

“Rip Curl is first and foremost a surfing company,” says Rip Curl Group Advertising/Marketing Chairman Neil Ridgway. “We create innovative core products for surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders and skiers, and have a Pro Team chock-full of the world’s best athletes in those fields. Our events range from the top world championship level down to the grass roots level, and we use all of the traditional media means to promote them. But gives our committed crew instant access to all of that and more. is a one-on-one communication of the Search philosophy that can be accessed 24/7, in any corner of the globe. All you need to do is log on!”

To support the company’s International presence, has been designed as an International site with a strong focus on Regional Content. To achieve this, Rip Curl Webmaster Brendan Downs developed Rip Curl’s very own Global Content Management System (CMS). The CMS enables multiple Rip Curl contributors from around the world to work the system and use a wide variety of technologies (including HTML, Flash, Quicktime, A.S.P., JavaScript, etc.).

“Gone are the painful days of being stuck behind the computer, head buried in code developing pages, contents and graphics,” says Downs. “The CMS has changed all that. We were struggling to maintain the monster (Version 2.0) that we had built and it was the realisation of the need for regional-specific content that led to the creation of Version 3.0. The CMS has allowed more regions than we had ever anticipated to contribute content to the re-launch.”

To support the impressive CMS, Rip Curl has put a lot of work in to creating fresh, innovative and relevant content for launch. The site will give users what they need and when the surf is flat or when the snow doesn’t come, is sure to be a home-away-from-home for much of the world’s surfing population. The site’s main sections are: “International News”, “Regional News” (which includes specific pages for Australia, America, Brazil, France, UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Italy), “Rip Curl Products”, “Rip Curl Events”, “Rip Curl Team”, “Rip Curl Research & Development”, “Media Gallery”, “Company History/News/Info”, “Rip Curl Store Info”, “Fun Stuff”, “Global Weather” and “Rip Curl Service Centre Info”.

“The site is going to blow people away,” believes Online Editor Dane Sharp. “It’s smart, easy to navigate, offers a lot of user interactivity and has a lot of really cool sections – such as “Bust-A-Move”, the multimedia gallery and the weather bureau. It’s got the juice to quickly develop into the best surfing industry site on the web, bar none.”

For further media or general information on Rip Curl’s Version 3.0 website, please contact around the Rip Curl world :-USA – PJ Connell, +1 760 6036700,