14th Annual Riders’ Poll Winners

14th Annual Riders’ Poll Winners

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Denver, CO - Snowboarding's top riders made it out to the Fillmore Auditorium on Friday night for the 14th Annual TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders' Poll Awards Presented by New Era. GT and John Jackson presided over the ceremony--the biggest off snow event in the industry--watching as the best riders of 2012 took the stage in recognition of individual progression and style in both riding and videography. To be recognized in this capacity by one's peers is one of the highest accomplishments in snowboarding. Congratulations to all the nominees--here are the winners.

Red Carpet Video

Interviews with some of the Nominee’s as they arrive for the big night

Men's Rookie Of The Year

Frank April

Frank The Tank had a breakout year on the pro scene with his ender in Videograss' Enlighten. If there were a "Boardslide Of The Year" award, he would win that too. "I'm pretty stoked about the riders vote," he said, "tonight with all the riders, it's what it's about."

Women's Rookie Of The Year

Corinne Pasela

Corinne made her mark on snowboarding this year with insane rail riding. Simple. In years to come, she will close the gap between Men's and Women's snowboarding. With style and technicality, her riding speaks louder than she did on stage. Shout out to Ohio.

Men's Video Part Of The Year

Mikkel Bang

It's hard to find someone who doesn't love Mikkel's riding. His style is on point, his tricks are progressive, and he loves to snowboard. His opener in Burton's 13 showed all this, and the riders noticed.

Women's Video Part Of The Year

Desiree Melancon

Desiree's riding speaks for itself. One of the best. Her online full part got a lot of attention, with progressive rail riding and mellow style.

Online Video Series Of The Year

Salomon Team Vacation

Salomon may have re-written the book on team videos with Team Vacation. It's always about the riding--and with the likes of Jed Anderson, Bode Merrill, Chris Grenier, Louif Paradis, and the rest, you're in good company--but Tanner Pendleton's skill behind the lens and in the editing bay made this series worth watching over and over again.


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Video Of The Year

Burton 13

It was a heavy list of nominees this year, with Videograss' Darkside and Absinthe's Resonance on the ballot, but the riders have spoken and it's 13 they want. From Mikkel's stylish opener to Mikey Rencz's pow filled ender, it was good. Real good.

Standout Performance Of The Year

Nicolas Müller

Nico got busy last season, winning Real Snow Backcountry, landing his first double corks, and going on to film video parts for Absinthe's Resonance and Pirates' Unique 8. It just goes to show you, you can never have too much Müller.

Men's Readers' Choice

Torstein Horgmo

The people love Torstein. He’s won this category three years in a row.

Women's Readers' Choice

Jess Kimura

And everyone loves Jess. She’s also won this category three years in a row.

Legend Award

Peter Line

It's Peter Line. Come on. It had to be done.

Women's Rider Of The Year

Jess Kimura

"I feel really grateful for everybody that voted for me and stoked that everybody is psyched on my snowboarding." Her web series Barely made a big splash and her interview in TransWorld SNOWboarding showed her personality behind the riding.

Men's Rider Of The Year

Nicolas Müller

What else is there to say about Nico? His first TransWorld SNOWboarding Rider Of The Year award is icing on the cake of an insane career. "It's exciting, really a surprise," he said after receiving the award. "Everybody is cheering; it's just a trip. I just snowboard and have fun, that's what it's all about. My job is to inspire people to get into the mountains."

Nicolas Muller _TWSNOW_Riders_Poll_14_Chris_Wellhausen

Huge thanks to all the pro’s that voted in this years Riders Poll Awards

Halldor Helgason, Jed Anderson ,John Jackson, xavier de le rue, Lucas DeBari, Mikkel Bang, Luke MItrani, niko cioffi, Phil Jacques, Jonah Owen, Ryan Paul, anne-flore marxer, JP Solberg, Forrest Shearer, Zac Marben, Jonas Michilot, Ryland Bell, Mark McMorris, Jack Mitrani, Jake OE, Danny kass, Arthur Longo, Enni Rukajärvi, Sean Genovese, Brandon Hobush, Andreas Wiig, Scott stevens, Erik Leon, Chris Larson, Chris Beresford, Dylan alito, Aimee Fuller, Matt Belzile, bode Merrill, Jessica Kimura, Frank April, Jaeger Bailey, Jody Wachniak, Chris Carr, Johnny brady, Nick Poohachoff, Toni Kerkelä, Alex Yoder, Griffin Siebert, Johnny O’Connor, Seth Hill, Benji Ritchie, chris Brewster, Blake Paul, Mike Rav, Dyl9n Dragotta, Shaun Mckay, Aaron Biittner, Tim Humphreys, Mikey Rencz, Eero Niemela, Stale Sandbech, rusty ockenden, Johnny lazz, kelly clark, Jake Kuzyk, Simon Chamberlain, Eiki Helgason, Joe sexton, Marie-France Roy, Scotty Arnold, Sage Kotsenburg, Chris Grenier, Chris bradshaw, Alex Cantin, Hana Beaman, Austin Smith, Ben Bilocq, Will Lavigne, Danny Larsen, Kimmy Fasani, Dcp, Ted Borland, Dan Brisse, marko grilc, Leanne Pelosi, Eero Ettala, Louis-Felix Paradis, Spencer O’Brien, Seth huot, jake welch, Helen Schettini, Jussi Oksanen, kazuhiro kokubo. Iouri Podladtchikov, Cale Zima, Jamie Anderson, Alek oestreng, Pat Moore, Desiree Melancon, Marie Hucal, Austin Hironaka