Ride Snowboards Adds New Reps

Ride Snowboards Adds New Reps In The Rockies And Intermountain Territories

VASHON, WASHINGTON (September 19, 2002) – Ride Snowboards would like to congratulate Mike Lowder and Shawn Penrod, the latest additions to Ride’s rep force now representing the newly-created Intermountain Territory and the more focused Rocky Mountain Territory, respectively.

Heading up Ride throughout Utah and the Western half of Wyoming is Mike Lowder who has been on the Ride program for over a year now, doing a solid job servicing and selling the line in Utah as a sub-rep. “I’ve been a Ride supporter for years on the retail side and have always loved the product, so now I’m super stoked to be the rep for this territory. I feel like where we’re at with our team and product from bindings and boots to outerwear is right on. We’re gonna kill it in 2003 and for many years to come!” says an enthusiastic Lowder. Sales Manager Chuck Mason comments, “The retailers of the Intermountain area rallied behind Mike over the past two weeks making this a natural move that is in the best interest of our customers, Ride, and Mike. Making Utah and Western Wyoming a separate territory is going to allow Ride to give that territory a level of service on an entirely new level. I believe the retailers will be stoked with Mike’s performance.”

Similarly, Shawn Penrod has been servicing a portion of Ride’s Rockies region for over a year as well. Shawn and his sales organization, “Pitchfork Sales,” will now be stepping up to represent Ride for the entire Rockies Territory, which includes Colorado and the Eastern half of Wyoming. “This is a great move for both Shawn and Ride. Shawn brings over a year of road experience working with Ride in the territory, as well as a strong history in snowboard retail with Specialty Sports Venture – one of the largest specialty winter sports operations in the USA. I am confident his skills in selling and servicing will put him at the top of the list of quality reps in the Rockies. Congratulations, Shawn!” states Mason. Shawn responds, “It’s hard for me to express how excited I am to be taking on Ride in the Rockies; it’s a huge opportunity. With all the momentum Ride’s got right now, I am so stoked for the upcoming season – it’s going to be a great year for sure! I’ve got to say thanks, though, to everyone at the Wrecking Crew and Smith Optics – they taught me a lot in the last year. But moving forward, I’m really pumped to continue working with Ride and everyone involved.”

To contact either one of these guys, Mike Lowder can be reached at 435-994-1986 or mikeridesnowbrds@aol.com, and Shawn Penrod at 970-418-0762 or pitchforksales@cs.com. For more information about Ride Snowboards, go to www.ridesnowboards.com. With the Ride rep force in full effect behind the new team and product, Ride is anticipating a fantastic winter season … now bring on the snow!# # #