Ride Snowboards’ 03/04 WebSite Is Up

VASHON, WASHINGTON (July 1, 2003) — Get ready everyone because it’s that time of year again to set your eyes on what Ride has in store for you and the 03/04 Season! We’ve been hard at work this summer developing our new website to bring that little something we do right to your fingertips, so enjoy the showcase of information found at www.ridesnowboards.com and check back with us from time to time for updated events and the latest news. As winter is right around the corner, we hope this brings you there a little faster!

With more to offer than ever before, go to www.ridesnowboards.com and take a look at Ride’s seven brand-new models including two new women’s boards — the Solace and Kashmir, a high-end park board — the DH, a completely new revolution in Team-Driven Design redefining what a board series is — the Theory, the Mikey LeBlanc Pro Model, and another Ride Revolution in Board Construction featuring our entirely-new NR Con — the Prophet.

In addition, Ride has added a brand-new high-end women’s binding model to the mix, the DVa, offering the ideal blend of lightweight, long-lasting comfort and high-performance response for maximum board control, and split the FLIGHT into two new models: the FLIGHT Tomcat presenting additional flex and an all-new team-driven Stance Correct Feather Back, and FLIGHT Mig, truly the epitome of precision mobility.

Also this year we have streamlined all our boots so each and every component has a very specific and necessary function. We’ve reinvented the liners, fine-tuned the aesthetics, and introduced two new models — the Rhythm offering complete support with a medium flex for the intermediate Rider seeking all-mountain performance, and the Sensor, the true leader of Riding technology for the advanced Rider.

And finally, always adding flavor to function, Ride Softgoods are off the hook! Street fashion meets snowboard function throughout the new line of Outerwear, Accessories, and revamped Bags, which include the stylie Jackson Parka for men and Cab Parka for women both complete with fake fur, our all-new Arsenal Windproof Fleece line, Ride’s first-layer Bootylicious Tank & Undies Set for gals and Skivvies Boxers for guys, and the Executioner Glove made of 100% Leather and finished with soft rubber spikes on the knuckles. And don’t forget this year’s custom-made, beer-opening, 100% Pewter Ride Belt Buckle and Regime Backpack which includes a zip-off cooler and pull-out seat.

So check out the newest innovations The Leader in Riding Technologies has for you, as well as up-to-date Ride Team info and News, and our latest Artist Bios and Ads at www.ridesnowboards.com … you won’t be disappointed!