Ride Names New Team

VASHON, WA (February 20, 2004) — As the Ride Team continues to evolve, it’s apparent a new layout is in demand. For one, the Am Team’s been stacked, and it’s high time these athletes gain the recognition they deserve. For this reason and more, the Team’s been broken down to better showcase the talent of Ride’s various athletes and meet growing International needs. Ride is very proud to announce the Pro, International Pro and Rookie Pro Teams of 2004 and beyond.


Mikey LeBlanc (Utah)

Janna Meyen (Oregon)

Erik Leines (Utah)

Joel Mahaffey (Nevada)

Ali Goulet (Utah)

J.J. Thomas (Colorado)

Shane Flood (Rhode Island)

Justin Hebbel (Utah)


David Aubry (Can)

Priscilla Levac (Can)

Jari Tuoriniemi (Fin)

Takashi Nishida (Jpn)

Aki Hiraoka (Jpn)


Brian Regis (California)

Chris Demolski (Nevada)

Darrell Mathes (Oregon)

Jimi Tomer (California)

Here’s the scoop … Justin Hebbel moved to the Pro Team earlier this season, and East Coast legend Shane Flood has been long overdue to join these ranks as well — the time has finally come. As for the Rookie Pros, Chris Demolski and Brian Regis have moved up from the Am Team to join Ride’s newest recruits Jimi Tomer and Darrell Mathes. These furious four wreck shop and will be responsible for most of the damage on the road this season. Like Special Forces, these guys will be infiltrating your neck of the woods, planting dirty tricks and dropping bombs where you least expect. The Rookie Pro Team opens the doors for creativity and sets the tone for what is expected of Ride’s Pro Team. The goal is to keep everyone motivated, innovative and pushing limits all around. And entirely new this year is the addition of Ride’s International Pro Team comprised of Canada’s David Aubry and Priscilla Levac, Finland’s Jari Tuoriniemi, and Japan’s finest, Takashi Nishida and Aki Hiraoka. The International Team presents the most potential to grow as it gets more involved with various events around the globe and increases Ride’s brand awareness in countries everywhere.

“I’m so pumped on the way the Team has come together; we all feel something really positive is happening! The Team truly believes in what Ride is doing, and Ride understands the Team’s goals and individual needs. Ride is having a great time right now … we hope that good vibe is reaching everyone out there who can look past the hype and focus on what snowboarding is all about … gettin’ chicks!” says Matt Sickels, Team Manager. “It’s the biggest honor to be a part of this Team and work with an in-house crew that has seen it all. The ideas and level of commitment that are circulating right now from product development to marketing are at an all-time high. The team is 100% involved and we can all look forward to some for really real ill shit in ’05!”