Ride Names New New England Rep

VASHON, WASHINGTON – Ride is excited to announce the appointment of Tim Sternberg to the New England sales rep position for Ride, Liquid and 5150 snowboards. For the past year, Sternberg has worked side by side with Lauren McKenney who previously represented the New England region of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Sternberg brings a wealth of snowboarding experience to Ride. His history in the sport began in the early 1980’s when he rode for the Burton team from 1984-1988 (think tight red racing suits). Sternberg’s sales career stretches as far back as his riding career and in the past ten years has represented many brands such as Burton, Airwalk and Arnett.

Because if his experience with Ride and rapport in the industry, Tim Sternberg has hit the ground running and foresees a seamless transition.

Ride would also like to welcome John Cavan to the New England sales team. Starting the first of October, Cavan will support Sternberg as Sales Associate. Cavan also has a long history in snowboarding stemming from years in the retail front and as a sponsored rider. He is also a writer and Associate Editor for the revamped Eastern Edge magazine.

For more information please contact Chuck Mason, Ride US Sales Manager, at 206-463-8841 x1842.


Tim Sternberg2 Stimpson St.Middleton, RI 02842 Office phone: 401-841-8956Office fax: 401-848-9969Email: tsternberg@worldnett.att.net

John Cavan(mail) PO Box 90Newbury, NH 03255(shipping) 51 Franklin Highway Apt. 3Andover, NH 03216Office phone: 603-735-6536Email: Cjohan76@aol.com