Ride Cheap

I’ve never met Chris Estes, but I can tell you this, he would be a good guy to know, especially if you live inVermont. It seems he takes saving money pretty seriously and has no qualms about sharing his secrets withanyone who doesn’t mind a little reading.

No, this isn’t the beginning of some infomercial about the greatbenefits of simple living, it’s just my way of paying respects to a man who wants to help others pay less. Yasee, Chris prints a newsletter, Ski Cheap, that’s packed with information exposing the ways you can ride themountains of Vermont without cramping your budget. The seasonal newsletter keeps you up to date on howto save on everything from lift tickets to lessons. There’s even a surprising number of free days to be had bytaking advantage of his helpful tips.

Now, with the amount of energy Chris exerts finding these great deals Ican understand calling him cheap, but he’s hardly a miser. If you have further inquires write to Ski Cheap,P.O. Box 429, Chester, VT 05143 or check out the web site at www.ski-ridecheap.com