It's safe to say no other metropolitan area matches Salt Lake City's impact on snowboarding. Just above its streets littered with iconic urban spots, lies world-class terrain and snow, and the combination of these factors has created a snowboarder's hub that many of the world's best riders have continued to flock to and call home since the '80s.

On one of these streets lies Fisher Brewing, where TransWorld SNOWboarding premiered Rewind: Salt Lake City, to a crowd that came out on a rainy night while 18 or so fresh inches fell in the mountains above town. Among those in attendance during the film's first public screenings was a list of people whose presence has played a significant role in putting Salt Lake on the map and keeping it there. Shane Charlebois, E Stone, J2, Deadlung, Jeremy Jones, Aaron Biittner, Bode Merrill, and Chris Grenier, to name several. But it's not just those involved in the industry that makes SLC the snowboarding epicenter it is. Every dedicated rider that resides here, or has spent time in the Wasatch steeps or Salt Lake streets is part of what makes this place special.

Anyone coming out on a weeknight in the pouring rain to watch a historical snowboard film likely falls into this category, and seeing the taproom at Fisher Brewing filled up for three showings is encouraging in an era of instant entertainment. The film, presented by Ski City, will be rolled out on as a five-part chronological series, documenting the aforementioned impact of this area across decades. Understanding and celebrating what influenced the here and now is a crucial aspect in furthering any culture, and we, at TransWorld, want to thank everyone who supported this project, whether through lending knowledge, providing testimonies, anecdotes and footage, or watching it.

Be sure to check the site each Tuesday for the next five weeks to see Rewind: Salt Lake City in its entirety.

Editor's note: JP Walker is undoubtedly one of the most influential riders to ever come out of Salt Lake City. We wish he could've been with us at this premiere, but he's dealing with bigger issues. His wife, Roberta, was severely injured in December and is fighting for her life. If you'd like to donate, you can do so, here.

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