Revolution Tour Wraps Up ’06 Pipe Season

Mt. Hood, OR—Daniel Wakeham and Kate Foster spent three weeks at Windells getting acquainted with what the riders describe as one of the best halfpipes in the world this time of year. The result: victories in the final stop of the Chevrolet Revolution Tour at Mt. Hood, Ore.

“This is absolutely sick, it’s my first tour win,” said Wakeham, 24, who lives in Britain. “I’m so amazed at how good the pipe is here. There is so little snow and yet the crew built such an amazing pipe. It has been so inspiring to ride with such talented young riders. When you see kids as high as your waist landing clean 900’s, that’s when you know you have to step it up.”

Tuesday’s halfpipe contest served as the final bookend for the four-stop Revolution Tour, a contest preceded by the annual U.S Snowboarding Project Gold freestyle camp which top young riders from throughout the country were invited to train with U.S. Snowboarding coaches Mike Jankowski and Rick Bower.

“That’s the best thing about this camp and this contest,” said Jankowski. “We get to spend a week with the most talented young riders in the country and then help coach them through a contest. Bower and I get fired up for this every year. At the beginning of the camp I told the riders that when Olympic qualifications roll around for 2010, they’re going to be the ones in the mix for a spot on the team. They look at me with big eyes and then I tell them about a former camper named Hannah Teter (Belmont, VT).”

Teter, the ’06 Olympic gold medalist is just one name in a long list of top pros that also includes ’02 Olympic gold medalist Kelly Clark (Mt. Snow, VT) and X Games champion Steve Fisher (Breckenridge, CO). Campers looking to add their names to that list include Ross Baker (Reno, NV), the men’s second place finisher and Jake Black (Dillon, CO), who finished third along with women’s second place finisher Hayley Simpson (Stratton Mountain, VT). Sabrina Ste-Marie (Vail, CO), a 2004 camper was third.

“The atmosphere is what it’s all about,” added Jankowski. “These riders stayed so positive all week through some pretty nasty weather days, then came out, challenged themselves and landed on the podium today. I’m proud of them. Each one had a standout moment and that’s what this is all about. It’s just one more step in bringing their riding to the next level.”

The final stop of the 2006 Chevrolet Revolution Tour concludes Wednesday with men’s and women’s slopestyle.

The 2007 Chevrolet Revolution Tour is powered by Burton Snowboards, Bonfire, Smith, Palmer, Swix, Snowboard Magazine and Windells.

Cheverolet Revolution Tour
Windells Camp
Mt. Hood, OR – June 20, 2006

Men’s Halfpipe
1. Daniel Wakeham, Britain
2. Ross Baker, Reno, Nev.
3. Jake Black, Dillong, Colo.

1. Kate Foster, Britain
2. Hayley Simpson, Stratton Mountain, Vt.
3. Sabrina Ste-Marie, Vail, Colo.