I woke up Tuesday morning on the black loveseat that had been serving as my bed for the past two nights and put on my snowboard clothes, which were still wet from the day before and cold from being in my car all night. Needless to say, I was a little grumpy as I drove from Government Camp, Oregon up to Timberline for the halpipe portion of the Chevrolet Revolution Tour. I rode down to the on-hill facilities of Windells Snowboard Camp, my windbreaker sticking to my arms in the muggy heat. Upon arriving at the bottom of the pipe, I was informed that I had missed the Women’s qualifiers. This was going to be a great day. After saying hi to announcer Scotty “The Body Connerly, I sat down next to a speaker blaring bad late-90’s radio rock and pulled out my pen and some paper. As I said—great day.

Okay okay, so my I didn’t have a very good morning, enough already. Besides my general mood, the contest was actually really good. The kids were throwing down, and despite the flat bottom of the halfpipe growing more slushy and choppy as the day went on, the airs got bigger and the spins got cleaner. In the men’s qualifiers, a litany of back-to-back 540’s followed several landed 900’s, and Jeremy Black pulled out a backside crail air that was pretty much the sweetest thing I saw all day. However, it was Daniel Wakeham, Ross Baker, and Jake Black who pulled into first, second, and third places with smoother landings than the rest. Also, toward the end of the men’s qualifiers, whoever’s iPod was on the sound system died, and the music was replaced by a weird-but-somehow-good combination of Rolling Stones, Sean Paul, and Sierra, which helped out overall atmosphere.

Next were the women’s finals. Having missed the qualifiers, I was impressed with the way the girls were riding. Some fives were thrown and stomped, as were huge straight airs on the parts of Brooke Shaw and Elizabeth Beerman. Sabrina Ste-Marie came in third, and Hayley Simpson killed it with her first run of huge nose grab to clean frontside and backside fives, putting her in second place behind Kate Foster.

Sometimes amateur competitions can turn into something akin to a Little League championship, but this time I didn’t see any sports-crazed parents screaming at their kids, no crying teenagers, and for the most part, everyone had smiles on their faces. I think it’s safe to say that the competition was an overall success, with everyone leaving happy and excited to have been a part of the second annual Chevrolet Revolution Tour.

Cheverolet Revolution Tour
Windells Camp ?Mt. Hood, OR—June 20, 2006

Men’s Halfpipe
1. Daniel Wakeham, Britain ?
2. Ross Baker, Reno, Nev.?
3. Jake Black, Dillong, Colo.

Women’s Halfpipe
1. Kate Foster, Britain
2. Hayley Simpson, Stratton Mountain, Vt.
3. Sabrina Ste-Marie, Vail, Colo.

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